How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and a Response Essay

This article discusses the various steps to writing a summary, analysis, and response essay. In this context, it is important to mention that summary, analysis as well as a response are related to academic assignments, and articles.

In Ireland, students are required to write essays, articles, and other academic write-ups along with summaries, analyses, and responses. Many students are often clueless on how to write these components of an academic write-up. There are adequate contents available online that students can utilize to write these essential parts of an essay.

Moreover, students can approach skilled academic assignment writers, tell them the requirements, and avail quality and affordable essay writing services. Therefore, if you are interested to know how to write a summary, analysis and response then read this article.

What are the steps to writing a summary?

If you are looking forward to writing a summary for an essay then these are the steps that you require to check out:-

  • The reader requires reading the articles in paragraphs.
  • The writers require underlining the topic sentence for each paragraph. If underlining the book is not possible on your part then it is important that write the sentence on a piece of paper or computer.
  • After finishing the article the writer needs to study the sentences that are underlined.
  • If possible you need to pen down statements utilizing your own words. Such statements require conveying the main notion of the essay. It is required for you to commence the sentences utilizing the article title and author name.
  • As a writer, you must continue writing the summary utilizing the sentences that are underlined. Try using your own words while doing this.
  • You must not forget to utilize transition words so that you can link the sentences that you have written.

Ensure that you incorporate the author name, article name, and article tags while writing the summary.

The summary that you pen down should be concise.

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Mentioning the name of the author in the summary

While writing a summary the writer needs to mention the name of the author. The writer must be aware of the frequency of mentioning the author’s name in the summary. It is not necessary to name the author frequently and in every sentence of the summary. However, it is advised to mention the name of the author as well as the article title in the first sentence of the summary. If there are multiple authors then you can mention the authors the very first time you highlight the title and the article. After that, you can use the first author’s last name along with et al.

More such sources highlight the steps needed to write a summary. The writers can navigate to such sources and gather information in this regard from an academic point of view.

Literature analysis

Analyzing literature is often a part of the curriculum for students in Ireland. If you want to do literature analysis then you require understanding who is getting persuaded by the author and what the author wants the audience to do, think or believe. This section of the article highlights the techniques that are used for doing analysis. It discusses how the TRACE method can be utilized for analysis.

TRACE implies Text and Reader and Author and Context and Exigence. While penning down the analysis the author needs to understand the type of text it is. It is also important to understand what the author wants the audience to do, think, or believe. The objective of the analysis should be to know the author’s effectiveness in convincing the audience.

Context has many implications. It discusses whether the article is relevant to the topic of the essay. It also discusses the time when the article was written and it also discusses the point in time when the article is read by a person.

Exigence which is a component of the TRACE is very much synonymous with bias, assumptions, and worldview.

Steps of writing a literature analysis

There are steps that you can use to write an analysis while writing an essay. This section of the article discusses the components of a paragraph used for analysis. This section of the article discusses questions that you can ask to obtain notions for your paragraph.

1. Text

While doing a literature analysis you need to know about the organization of the essay. You must also understand the effective things and those that are ineffective as far as the organization of the essay is concerned.

  • To do a literature analysis the writers need to know about the ways and means that the author utilizes to arouse the reader’s interest.
  • It is also important for the writer of the literature analysis to comprehend the ways and means by which the author explains the prime claims. The writer must ask whether the arguments are logical or not.
  • While writing a literature analysis the writer needs to know if the evidence and support are adequate. The writer must also make sure whether the support convinces the reader or not. It is also important to understand whether the evidence collected in this context is sufficient for the author to prove his or her point of view.

2. Author

While writing a literature analysis the writers need to know who the author is. The writers must also know the information that the author has about the subject.

  • It is also vital to understand the bias of the author. It is important to know whether the bias is openly acknowledged. It is also important to know if the bias makes the argument of the author believable.
  • While writing the literary analysis it is very important to understand whether the author’s background and knowledge are reliable to the audience.
  • It is relevant to know how the author relates to the readers and audience. It is also important to understand if such a thing is effective or not.
  • While writing the literary analysis it is vital to make sure that the author’s work is interesting to his audience.

It is also important to know if the author provides an adequate explanation of the history of his arguments.

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3. Reader

The literature analysis writer must know the reader.

  • The person must understand how the readers react to his arguments.
  • The writer of the literature analysis must need to know if the essay is ineffective or effective to the audience.
  • The writer must try to understand if some perspectives or prejudice make the reader not hear or hear certain types of arguments.
  • The literature analysis writer also must try to understand the exigence that arouses the interests of the audience.

Some resources are available online that help the readers to know more about these things with illustrations. The reader can also search for relevant content online to gather more information in this regard from an academic point of view.

Tips for writing a response

This section of the article discusses the various tips and strategies that are utilized to write a response while writing an essay. You require to know that the response is written at the end of an essay. However, the writers of an essay can place the response throughout the essay whenever you choose to summarize or analyze.

While writing a response make sure to use a proper tone, also you require using the words properly whenever you choose to talk about the writer of the article. It is more appropriate for the essay writer to write the response at the end of the essay. While writing a response the author uses content that has already been used in the summary part and the analysis part of the essay. In the majority of the situations, the response falls under the below-mentioned categories.

  • You as an essay writer agree with the author as you back with the author with proper experience and logic.
  • You can disagree with the author based on your knowledge or experience.
  • You may agree with the author partly.
  • You may agree or disagree with the author’s point of view and you may want to include a point that you feel important or necessary.

To know more about the ways and means to write an appropriate response navigate online, search for relevant resources online and give it a read.

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