How Do I Write a Response-to-Literature?

This article discusses the tips and tricks to writing a response to literature. This type of activity is usually a part of the academic curriculum that the students are required to complete every semester. As part of the activity the students are expected to read articles, and books, watch films, and TV shows and then write a response.

The students are expected to provide a summary of the content that they have read, and understood and they are expected to provide a detailed response to that content. This article illustrates how to write a response to literature. It illustrates the different parts of a literature report.

Understanding the different parts of a literature report

This article helps the readers to comprehend the various parts of a literature report.

Work summary (Part-1)

The first part of the report features the work summary. To complete this part the students require spotting the author, and the title of the work. The students need to incorporate the publisher name, and publication date within parenthesis. If you are writing a magazine then you are required to provide the publication date.

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The students need to write an informative summary that provides an insight into the content that has been described in the articles, books, TV shows, and films.

The next thing that the report writers require is to highlight only the important points that are described in articles or books or TV shows or films that are used for writing literature reports.

It is recommended to use quotations from work to highlight key ideas.

It is very important on the part of the report writers to create a summary of the material used for report writing to help the readers understand the important aspects of the actual work.

It is also suggested to abstain from discussing in detail any particular aspect of the work. The report writers must also not neglect other vital points that are related to the work.

The students or the report writers must keep the report summary factual and objective. It is advised not to incorporate in this part the report writer’s reactions to work. It is to be borne in mind that the subjective impression of the report writer forms the basis of the next part of the literature report work.

Reaction (Part-2)

This part of the article discusses the things to do to develop the second part of the literature report. The report writer requires to focus on a few questions while writing this report. The person should consult with the instructor to understand whether particular points are to be highlighted or discussed in the report.

  • The report writer needs to ask how the assigned work is associated with the concerns and notions that are part of the course for which the report writer is writing the report. The report writer needs to understand the points that are part of classroom discussions, lectures, and course textbooks before writing the report.
  • The report writer also requires an understanding of the relationship between the work and the issues that we confront in our day-to-day lives.
  • The report writer must also address how the material used for writing the literature report is associated with the writer’s life, notions, feelings, and experiences. The report writer requires asking self the emotions on a personal level that are a result of the work.
  • The report writer must try to find out whether the work enhances his or her understanding of a specific problem. The person needs to find out whether the work altered the perspective of the report writer.
  • The literature report writer must assess the merit of the literature writing activity. The writer needs to know the significance of the points, completeness, accuracy, and organization.

In this part of literature writing the writer requires indicating whether the person should recommend the report writing work to others or not. The literature report writers must also cite the reasons for doing so.

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What are the points to consider while doing the report writing?

This section of the article discusses the various points that are required to be considered while writing the report.

  • The researchers require applying the fundamental standards of writing while writing the literature report. These fundamental standards include support, unity, clarity, coherence, and error-free statements.
  • The report writer must make sure that the major paragraphs present as well as develop a single important point.
  • The report writer must support the points that he or she is making or the attitudes that he or she is expressing using particular details and reasons.
  • The literature report writer needs to organize the material used for writing the report.

It is also very essential for the report writer to check the write-up for any spelling or grammar errors.

  • The writer can use quotations wherever necessary while writing the report. If you have doubts regarding the use of documentation style then consult with the instructor.
  • The writer can utilize quotations in the summary as well as in the reaction parts of the literature report.
  • The report writer must also consult with the instructors to understand the type of publishing information required while writing the literature report.

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