Complete Guide On How to Publish Your Research

This article discusses the different steps that are involved in the publishing of a research paper. In this context, it is relevant to mention that publishing a research paper is important for academics.

The publishing of a research paper involves choosing the appropriate journal, writing your research paper, submitting your research paper, engaging in the peer-review, and passing through the production stage.

This article elaborates the different steps to publish a research paper in much more detail thereby facilitating the students to know exactly how to publish their research work on their own.

Steps to publish your research paper

This section of the article discusses the steps to publish your research paper.

1. How to select a journal?

The very first step in the publishing of your research paper is how you select a journal. As a researcher, it is regarded as the most important step in the publishing of a research paper. You require to carefully every aspect of journal submission.

You are required to shortlist titles for submitting a research paper and you need to select the most appropriate publication method.  As a researcher, you can also explore options like open research platforms (F1000 Research) as this offers an open and quick publication for different types of output.

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2. It is important to choose a target journal before commencing publication work

If you are pondering on publishing your research paper then you must choose a target journal first. By selecting a target journal you can simply tailor your research work to the content that has already been published in the journal.

Some journals have world limits, specific publication formats, and other restrictions. Therefore, if you choose a journal and write the research work according to the audience and specifications then the chances of acceptance of the publication enhance.

3. How you can select a journal to publish your work of research?

It is important to know that choosing a journal for the publication of your work of research can be a tedious task. As a researcher you require to choose your journal for publishing your research work, you require a thorough understanding of the scope and aims of the journals in which you are interested and you need to make sure that you select a trustworthy journal for publication of your research paper. For more on this visit relevant source that is available online.

4. How to write your research paper?

This section of the article discusses the ways and means by which you can write your research paper. In this context, it is important to understand that writing a research paper depends on the subject area, the chosen journal, and the type of research paper that you’re authoring.

While writing your research paper you need to choose a proper structure and style. You also need to choose your audience before doing the writing. To write your research paper you are required to know the target journal, you are required to comprehend your audiences, you need to know how you can select and use the most proper keywords, and you are required to know the most appropriate way to structure your manuscript.

While writing your research paper you must have a fair knowledge of the various editorial policies for journal submission.

5. How you can submit your research paper?

The next important step is to know the exact process by way of which you can submit your research paper. To submit a research paper you need to make sure that you have already completed the above-mentioned steps for publishing your research paper.

Besides, you are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the journal instructions. You are also required to write a proper cover letter and you need to know the submission system of the journal.

While submitting your manuscript you need to make sure that your research paper is fully prepared. There are various research paper submission guides that you can refer to in order to know the exact process of submission of a research paper.

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6. How to navigate the peer-review procedure?

This section of the article discusses the ways and means that you can utilize to navigate the peer-review procedure. Before that, you need to know the concept of peer review. Peer review is a process by which the independent assessors assess your research work.

The reviewers judge the authenticity, validity as well as significance of the research work. The peer-review process makes sure that the research work which can be an article goes through a rigorous method until it has been peer-reviewed.

The peer-reviewing also ensures that the research work aptly fits the scope and aims of the journal where it is to be published. In short, it can be said that the peer review process acts as quality control for the various research papers that are to be published in a journal.

Peer review helps the writers to get feedback on their work of research. The process adequately helps the researchers to improve their research work. The work of peer review is often considered to be a collaborative process.

In this process, the authors engage in a discussion with their peers and receive important feedback so that they can advance their work of research. All research articles and reports go through the peer-review process.

However, there are instances where the journals consider post-publication reviews. Post-publication reviews imply reviewing a work of research, or article after it has been published in a journal.

To navigate the peer review procedure it is vital to comprehend the peer review. There are online guides that comprehensively explain the concept of peer reviews. Some materials are available online which helps the students and the researchers to know the different types of peer reviews that are in practice.

Such materials that are available online also help the students to get useful insights into the peer-review process. Some materials are available online that assist you to know the procedures of revising your manuscript or research paper.

There are also helpful guides that are available on the web that guides you on what you need to do if your research paper is outwardly rejected or not approved.

7. What does one needs to do during production?

If your research paper is approved by the assessors as part of the peer-review process, then it’s time for the production process. During this stage, the research paper will be made available for publishing in a selected journal.

There are various activities that the journal production team has to do to make sure that the final version of the research paper is produced. In this context, it is important to understand that the inputs from the researcher are important at different stages of the production process.

During the production process, the authors and researchers have several tasks to complete and many decisions to decide upon. The authors are required to proofread the articles, they are required to decide on whether a video abstract is required or not.

There is a guide to the process of production that provides invaluable information to the authors and researchers about the final steps to publishing the research paper. There is helpful post-publication support that the researchers and the authors require to follow.

Besides the authors and the researchers also require knowing about the ways to communicate about the research work, and the methods that are used to request translations and corrections.

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8. Ways to access the article that is published

There are several publications that you as a researcher or author can explore to publish your work of research. Some publications give you free access to your research works irrespective of whether or not you have journal (the journal where you have published your research work) subscriptions.

9. How to make sure that the work of research makes an impact?

Academic research is a part of the career-building activity. Therefore, you must take time to make sure that the research impacts your career growth positively. It is also important that you build networks well and that you fund your research activity well.

Creating an impact with the research work can be a time-consuming process. If you are not able to comprehend the meaning of impact concerning academic research then you need to understand that there are several resources available on the web that offers useful insights on what is research impact.

There are guides to research impacts that help you know the importance of research impact, you can also understand the various types of research impacts that you can experience, and you can also know the various steps of achieving the research impacts.

There are online sources of information that aid you to have a clear understanding of the various tips that you can follow to communicate with the audience. It is also important that you can measure your success. Measuring the success helps you evaluate the impact of your research work.

10. Keep track of the progress of your research works

As a researcher, you must keep track of the progress of your research works. There are sources available online and are specific to the publication where you have published your research article.

You can use such sources to know insights into the research works and articles that you have published. From such sources, you can very well know about citation numbers, downloads, and views. Some publications allow researchers to register for email updates.

The publications send emails to you from time to time informing you about the status of your publications, letting you know how many citations and views your research paper or article has had.

11. Translations and corrections of published articles

This section of the blog discusses the translations and corrections of the various published articles. This is in the context of the fact that whenever an article has been published then that particular research work may require alteration or change in the version of records.

There are resources available online that are specific to the publications where the research paper has been published. These resources provide information to the researchers on how to do corrections, and how to make retractions and removals concerning a work of research.

Sometimes researchers may require translating a work of research from one language to another. In such a scenario the researchers are required to navigate to relevant resources available online and make such translations.

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