How to Mark an Essay? – Complete Guide

As a student in Ireland, you may have to write assignments and essays for academic reasons. Many students write essays. However, some students prefer to avail themselves of quality assignment writing help from the experts.

If you are writing essays on your own then you need to know the methods that are employed to mark your essay. If you know this then you can write your essay accordingly and thereby get better scores in assessment and evaluation.

It’s a competitive world and the objective is to write the essay in such a way so that it attracts the attention of the readers and more particularly the assessor. This article discusses the various ways that are used to mark an essay.

The essay marking process

If you want to pen down a great essay then you need to understand that certain components contribute to writing a great essay. These components are described as follows:-

The brief

The marker’s first action is to examine the brief of the writer. The marker checks the type of the essay, the subject matter of the essay, word count, and another set of requirements concerning the essay. Therefore, it is always recommended to write the brief well as by doing so the essay writers can expect good grades from the markers.

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The structure

The structure of the essay is important. If an essay is well written then it has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction is not lengthy and it provides an insight into the topic of the essay. The main body constitutes the bulk of the essay. It describes the topic in depth.

Finally, there is the concluding part of the essay which summarizes the essay. It is important to consider the constraints and requirements that have been set by the assessors. The markers consider all these points while marking an essay.

The markers also know about the various formatting options that are used. They use their know-how while marking an essay.  The markers check whether the writer has written the essay maintaining a logical flow. The logical flow of content is very crucial when it comes to writing essays.


The next important thing that is crucial for marking is whether the essay is informative and whether it provides adequate information about the topic to the readers. The markers check whether the content is informative. The person checks whether the writer has furnished adequate information about the topic while writing the essay.

This helps the assessors and markers to know or test the level of knowledge the writer has concerning writing the essays. While writing an essay it is recommended to add those things that are relevant to the topic. Avoid populating your write-ups with stuff that is meaningless and that makes no sense at all to the readers.


If you can present good arguments in your essay then you can expect good grades. Your essay should be written in such a manner so that the arguments that are there are well-reasoned, they are solid, they are well-examined and they are supported by proper evidence.

The markers try to cast critical thinking on the write-ups of the writers. If the writers can think critically and if they can present clear write-ups then it is a welcome thing.

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Utilization of sources

While writing essays the writer needs to mention the resources that are used for the essay. The writer has to cite the resources appropriately. The marker checks whether a particular essay is well-cited or not and based on that they give grades to the writer. It is obvious that if the writer cites the sources in the essay properly then that person can expect better grades from the marker.

Presentation and style

Presentation and style are yet another important aspect that the writer cannot afford to ignore to get good grades from the marker. Presentation and style determine how well the write-up and in this situation it is the essay that is packaged.

The writer has to be very particular when it comes to spelling errors, grammar errors, and plagiarism issues. Spelling errors, grammar errors, and plagiarism issues are not allowed. They should be avoided totally.

The markers also check the rules that are used in data presentations, reference styles, and placement of quotes. The essay writer must maintain high standards throughout the essay.

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