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Violence in the Emergency Department Essay Sample Ireland

This essay example discusses violence in the emergency department in Ireland. It discusses how the victims in Irish emergency departments are treated so that they survive, and get cured of injuries.

This essay discusses the various methods and practices that are used to collect data about the victims who faced violence in Irish emergency departments.

The essay sample discusses the study designs and population, it also discusses study protocols, and it discusses data analysis about violence in Irish emergency departments. It also provides an insight into the results of studying violence in the Irish emergency departments.

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Violence within Irish emergency departments

This section of the essay discusses the methods that are used to study violence within Irish emergency departments. The methods involved the use of questionnaires meant for adult patients who have faced violence within Irish emergency departments.

The purpose of using such a questionnaire is to collect data on psychological or physical violence during a year. The questionnaire also collects information about the types of violence that are experienced by the patients. In Ireland, there are many cases where adult patients suffer from violence in the emergency departments.

Interpersonal violence is considered damaging as it can result in death or physical injury. Besides, if patients continue to live in violent environments then they can suffer from chronic diseases, substance misuse, alcohol, eating disorders, depression, suicide, and non-compliance with various medical treatments in Ireland.

All these things result in the overuse of medical resources and services. In this context, it is important to comprehend that a violent environment is detrimental to the health of kids and elderly people.

In Ireland, the emergency departments are used frequently to treat victims of violence. Based on the knowledge related to consultation frequencies, attributes of the victims, and types of violence among people attending the ED (Emergency Departments) screening policies are developed and strategies to cater to patients at risk are identified to provide high-quality care to the patients as well as to develop pertinent academic programs.

Methods to do a study of patients who faced violence in Ireland

The following methods that are used to study patients who faced violence in Ireland are discussed:-

Study designs and population

The study was conducted on Irish patients and the duration of such study spanned about a month. The adult patients admitted to Irish hospitals were eligible for the study. Some patients got excluded from the study. The basis of exclusion from the study being

1) the patient suffering from life-threatening diseases and

2) the patient’s inability to communicate with the nurse.

The nurses who conducted the study asked the screening questions to the patients. The patients have also furnished information about the study in writing after the study. They were also provided social, medical and legal help in the event of violence.

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Study protocol

The study that was performed by the various nursing professionals in Ireland was performed as per certain study protocols. After the study was conducted it was submitted as well as approved by the academic research and ethics committee of the Irish hospitals.

To study the patients who experienced violence, a questionnaire was developed. The questionnaire was used the nurse to interview the patients. After completing the questionnaire the nurse put the same in a box related to the emergency department.

Analysis of data

The study of patients who were victims of violence was conducted over 31 days. The objective of using 31 days for the study purpose was to make sure that the patients who were victims of violence get adequate attention from their caregivers.

A questionnaire was used to collect information about the demographic and social data of the patients. As part of the study analysis (statistical) was performed.


During the period of study (31-day period), a significant number of adult patients were treated in the surgical and the medical wards of the Irish emergency departments. As part of the study questionnaires that were completed were collected by the nurses.

The majority of the patients who are victims of violence participated in the study. Out of the patients who completed the questionnaire only a small number were not eligible for the study.

More information about this can be obtained from relevant materials available on the web. The prime attributes of the patients who participated in the study were published in separate tables.

There are tables of data that contain information about attributes of PVS negative and positive participants. Then some tables contain information about the prevalence of PVS (positive) as per chosen social and demographic variables. Then some tables contain information about violence caused to patients based on gender, category, and age.

Based on the study that has been conducted, as many as 3000 adult victims of violence contacted the emergency department annually. This emphasizes the significance of the issue and the need to fix it.

The Irish health services need to provide high-quality care to the victims. Simultaneously, it is important to develop academic programs, and guidelines for the physicians and nurses so that they can better cater to the needs and requirements of the patients suffering from violence.

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