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POL10160 Found of Contemporary Politics Assignment Example UCD Ireland

This module introduces the field of political science by investigating the main issues, issues, and ideas surrounding politics from a comparative (and international) perspective. This module provides students with basic theories, concepts, and analytical skills to critically evaluate domestic and international societies and explain current events. We will explore the key concepts and topics of contemporary politics, including power, state, and nation; political change-a brief introduction to resistance, violence (including terrorism), and human rights; ideology (liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, feminism, and Environmentalism); the organization of major political systems; governance institutions; and the international dimension of politics and economics.

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On successful completion of this module you should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Understand what politics is and the main concepts involved in studying politics

Politics is the act of managing, making decisions about, and influencing public policy. It involves individuals who are elected to serve in government positions. They can be members of the legislature or executive branch, but they all have one thing in common: their goal is to represent people’s interests while also looking out for what they believe will benefit society as a whole. Politics has many different branches that study it from every angle including political science, sociology, history, and economics.

The main concepts involved in studying politics are power, authority, legitimacy, representation, freedom, and rights. Each of these concepts is complex and can be studied in many different ways.

  • However, at its most basic level, power refers to the ability to get things done.
  • Authority is the justification or source of that power.
  • Legitimacy is the perception by citizens that those in authority are acting on their behalf.
  • Representation refers to the act of representing or speaking for, citizens.
  • Freedom is an elusive idea-it can be defined as the absence of restraint, but freedom is difficult to distinguish from liberty, which is “the power to do as one pleases.”
  • Rights refer to entitlements that people in societies and governments agree to.

Assignment Activity 2: Apply your (theoretical) knowledge to analyze politics and apply political science to reality

“The law is our collective decision about what the group considers to be appropriate behavior.” – Medea Benjamin

What’s more, laws are made by those people who are in power. They are held accountable only to the people that hold them accountable, which means they represent themselves first and foremost. When governments make decisions about lawmaking, they consider the public opinion but not before announcing their desired course of action, so public opinion will always decisively sway towards their interests due to reactive control of media outlets. Laws reflect these views because whom it is being issued for determines what aspects should be reflected. It would take a paradigm shift if someone tried to change this current system of workings. We can’t address environmental crises without changing legal systems, and this is a perfect example of how politics affects all aspects of our lives.

We can see that politics affects all areas of our lives and it’s not something to be taken lightly. The decisions made by those in power have a direct impact on us all. It’s important that we become more politically engaged and learn as much as we can about the various systems that operate all around us. It is equally important that we learn how to overcome our biases and assumptions and start thinking about these issues critically and with an open mind.

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Assignment Activity 3: Analyze the way ideas influence political life

Ideas, in general, play a tremendous role in politics. As mentioned above, ideas can be seen as the driving force behind lawmaking and policy-making. They also drive the ideological platforms of political parties and organizations. For example, environmentalism shapes how people view their roles within society and the world at large. In order to address environmental issues, one has to believe that the environment needs protecting and that certain aspects of society need changing in order to better protect it. If you don’t agree with this way of thinking, then environmentalism won’t affect your behavior or how you look at things. For example, if you are apathetic towards environmental issues because you don’t think they matter, then you would be more likely to ignore the environmental problems facing our world and not participate in any sort of activism aimed at addressing these issues.

Ideas also play a crucial role in how people view themselves and their roles within society. For example, if someone believes that men and women should assume certain societal roles then they will be more inclined to support a party or organization that reflects these beliefs. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t agree with traditional gender roles, then they may support a party or organization that challenges these roles.

It’s important to remember that people are not static and that their views can change over time. For example, a person who is traditionally conservative in their views might become more socially liberal as they get older. This is why it’s important to keep an open mind and not make assumptions about people based on their age, gender, or race (to name a few factors).

Assignment Activity 4: Distinguish between different political institutions, and identify the role they play:

There are a number of different political institutions at play in any given society. Some of the most common ones include the government, the media, the police force, and the military.

The government is responsible for making laws and policies that affect all citizens. It is also responsible for providing services to its citizens, such as healthcare, education, and environmental protection. The government’s role in politics is reflected in the constitution, which outlines what powers the government has and how it operates (in theory).

The media plays a crucial role in influencing public opinion. It does this by reporting on issues facing society (often in alarmist ways) and asking politicians for their thoughts. Politicians then use the media to communicate their policies and ideas.

People often rely on the police and military to maintain law and order within a society. The police force is responsible for enforcing laws and arresting suspects who break them, while the military is responsible for protecting a country’s borders from outside threats (e.g., invading armies) and/or overthrowing a dictatorial government.

It’s important to remember that these institutions are not monolithic and that they often have competing interests. For example, the media may want to sensationalize an issue in order to sell more newspapers or get more viewers, while the government may want to downplay an issue in order to avoid public unrest. It’s also important to remember that people are part of these institutions and that they can have competing interests as well.

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