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Impact of Covid-19 on Employment in Ireland Essay Sample

Covid-19 became a pandemic in 2019 and thereafter it caused immense damage to life and property in Ireland as well as the rest of the world. People succumbed to death because of the disease.

Irish Government and many governments globally are being forced to suspend activities by imposing lockdowns. Such acts are adversely affecting the economies. Because of frequent lockdowns, the corporate world is unable to function to its full potential and this in turn adversely affected the employment status of many in Ireland.

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Because of Covid-19, many businesses performed poorly and they have to suffer financial losses because of that, they were forced to suspend their operations and wind up totally. Many Irish people lost their regular jobs.

However, there are few companies that amidst such situations are functioning and are encouraging their employees to do work from home. This is an essay that highlights the impact of Covid-19 on employment in Ireland. It helps the readers to understand how the pandemic affected the social and economic life of the people in the Republic of Ireland.

Effects of Covid-19 on Employment

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the working class is adversely affected. Those who are poor can feel the negative effects of Covid-19 on employment. This section of the essay focuses on the effects of Covid-19 on employment.

People aged 15 or more are affected adversely because of Covid-19

Irish people in the age groups of 15-24 are badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They gave to face employment issues because of the pandemic. These people are facing problems like temporary layoffs, employment loss, alteration in the hours of working, obliged to render services on a work-from-home basis. Many are forced to leave their jobs and do business. Such negative effects of Covid-19 on employment are being felt in all parts of the Irish republic.

14 % lost their jobs, 33% faced lay-offs

In the Irish republic, the working class adversely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic is almost 47%. Almost, 14% of this population has lost jobs and almost 33% faced layoffs because of the pandemic. Younger persons lacking experience are the worst hit. They experienced greater layoffs compared to the older and the more experienced. The highest rates of such loss of jobs and lay-offs can be observed in the southern parts of the Irish republic.

Enhancement in the figures who are rendering work from home

Almost 34% of the working-class population that were adversely affected by the pandemic, continued to render services on a work-from-home basis. 11% of the population aged 15 or more and are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have to quit their respective jobs as their businesses were not offering them any work-from-home options.

A 20% of this population was unable to render services and were forced to sit at home as their work type did not permit them to render services on a work from home basis. Observations suggest that the age group of 35 to 44 rendered work from home services during pandemic times. The east of Ireland witnessed almost 39% of the working class affected by Covid-19, working from home. The east, west, and the north of Ireland witnessed almost 30% of the working class affected by Covid-19, working from home.

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People prefer leaves during such pandemic times

A significant portion of the 47% working-class population adversely affected by Covid-19 preferred leaves (paid and unpaid) during such tough times. Those who are taking paid leaves constitute almost 4% of the working class population affected because of the pandemic.

On the contrary, almost 7% of the working class population affected adversely by Covid-19 prefers un-paid leaves. Such trends are very common across all genders, regions, and age groups. Observations are suggestive of the fact that the male population is taking a higher number of paid and unpaid leaves than the female population in Ireland.

The working population in the age group of 55-64 is witnessing individuals both male and female take high numbers of paid and unpaid leaves. And almost 23 % of the working class population affected by the pandemic has to alter their working hours. Only 5% reported that they have altered their model of doing business. The majority have started doing business online.

High numbers of working individuals are set to return to their jobs following the lifting up of the restrictions

Almost 94% of the working-class population are suffering a temporary loss of employment because they are on paid or unpaid leaves and they are set to return to work as soon as the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. In this context, as much as 5% are set to not return to the job they are previously doing. Overall, it is observed that older people are showing enhanced tendencies of returning to the work that they were previously doing.

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