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MICR20050 Microbiology in Medicine, Biotechnology, and the Environment Assignment Sample

Microbiology in Medicine is the study of the structure and function of bacteria, viruses, and their interactions with other organisms. Biotechnology deals with the development and use of new technologies for manipulating life forms. The environment is a major factor affecting all aspects of microbiology, from determining how to prevent infections to understanding how antibiotics work.

The application of all of these principles expands the research field in biotechnology by bridging the traditional applications with microbiology in medicine. Defensive measures against bacteria are now raising bacteria onto ‘enemy lists’ and destroying or avoiding enemy bacteria. Returning to microbiology and genetics is such an advancement. During the bacterium, viral and fungal attacks, there exists a program called reprogramming.

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There is a positivity of this organism that goes into another form where it infects other microbes only to then be targeted up as something else back at them; which will now develop a lethal illness if they continue to try using it! Does that sound familiar? This goes against many fields of study where forms work off alternative tactics mostly just luck from mutations or other strains. Other than luck new technologies are used often applied to others and affect superbly to uphold stability!

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Understand the diversity of microscopic life

The variety and diversity of microscopic life are vast. There are more than 1,000 different types of bacteria and archaeans, as well as over 350 different types of fungi. Moreover, the smallest organisms account for up to 50% of all marine life. By studying the diversity and behavior of these tiny creatures, it becomes possible to better understand how they interact with one another and their environment—and ultimately played a role in shaping our planet today.

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Assignment Task 2: Understand the cellular structures and functions of microbes

Microbes play an important role in our health by performing many essential tasks inside and outside of the body. By understanding their cellular structures and functions, we can better understand how they interact with one another, how they cause disease, and how to fight against it.

Treating dramatic incidences of illness from a bacterial or viral infection is largely due to a lack of understanding. The knowledge gained from further studying microbial species could open new doors toward preventive care and vaccinations. Understanding degradation inside the body shows to help figure out how long-term infections can affect the human being and be put into action against those who could otherwise get badly ill for a lifetime?

Living microbes are essential for maintaining balanced ecosystems, though not much is known about some interactions between the various subsets of microbes in such environments. Research suggests their signals are believed to regulate processes including mineral production, oxygen exchange, nitrogen and carbon transfer, etc. Though further studies are obviously needed in order to prove this insight correct, it only lends us an awareness of very important interactions between microorganisms that play out day-to-day at specific locations across our planet.

Assignment Task 3: Understand how microorganisms grow and the mechanisms they employ to generate energy for growth

Microorganisms are responsible for the growth of plants and other organisms. They do this by using energy to produce new cells, as well as changing water molecules into organic matter that can support plant growth. In addition, microorganisms use a variety of mechanisms to generate energy for growth:

  • Used light or heat;
  • Produce oxygen and carbon dioxide;
  • Activate enzymes;
  • Secrete proteins;
  • Secrete fatty acids;
  • Produce sediments on earth or in pharmaceutical products.

Microorganisms also play a role in shaping environments through many processes including earth formation via weathering of rocks, facilitated by microorganisms; development of soils; control of important metals such as sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphate through their metabolic pathways; and bacteria confer pettish microbial diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever.

In our food, each of us eats microorganisms that are instrumental for the health of our flora living inside and outside our body every day. In fact, we cannot say about any kind of organism that we eat today that it is not present. The perversion here is difficult to evaluate from the biological point of view but from the point of whether from what way it will stay alive up to have toxic effects on the health they supply if they have digestive effects which come out clear cut even without being willing to give in to an argumentative cascade of explaining energy name, causative frequency and determining mechanisms of leaving at major risks in the living.

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Assignment Task 4: Detail the role of different microorganisms as disease-causing agents

Microorganisms can cause diseases by producing toxins that damage the body or promote infection. Some of the most common sources of bacterial toxins are food items such as fruits and vegetables, water systems, and other medical devices. Many types of bacteria also produce viruses that can cause a wide variety of illnesses including AIDS, flu, and cancer.

Which selected microorganisms cause disease in humans? Work through what the text has said and make sure you research facts available both direct, secondhand, and thirdhand.

Bacterial Infections: These include diarrhea and pneumonia. These illnesses are caused by bacteria that multiply in the intestines or lungs of infected people. Bacteria give off toxins, which irritate the throat or lungs of an infected person. Symptoms of bacteria in an unhealthy individual include bloody diarrhea or bloody cough, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, and a swollen body.

Automatic transmission between members is possible because 50% of human pathogens have passed from parents to children; up to 70% internationally pass from a school or place to another by end-users or by transporting animals. Children with a fever greater than 103 ˚F should have brought health care worker so it can be indicated which types of bodies are infected; Waken when adults are exposed to unnecessary temperatures for a long time especially infants and pregnant women due to restrictions do not have time to develop an immunity that delays those illnesses that in sleep allowing the bacteria live longer, or the body plays the resistance role.

Assignment Task 5: Define the principles of infection and the immune response

Infection is the process of introducing a pathogen into an organism and causing it to become infected. The immune response, on the other hand, is a defense mechanism that helps protect our bodies against infection by rapidly identifying and responding to any invading foreign cells or molecules. It also takes a toll. As an animal or human being has encountered an immune response, they often develop symptoms that vary based on the type of infection. These may range from bodily aches and pains to acute illness and death.

The concepts of immunity and infectious diseases are both well known by most people throughout the world. In this discussion, however, we will only focus on those that affect human populations in varying degrees within different developed countries around the world.

In a normal situation, since there is a large stock of DGF (defensins), NADPH (oxidative enzymes), or hemoglobin available for antimicrobial defense in our body there is no harm to development before immunity builds up; aberrant growth should arise from deteriorated body function mechanisms if the functionless changes result from impaired growth mixtures otherwise genetic problems due to lack of production will arise as diseases develop; gross malformations are usually found for malnourished animals or it’s a chain as the year of human nutrition.

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Assignment Task 6: Discuss the potential uses of microorganisms in industrial applications such as brewing, antibiotic production, and water treatment.

Microorganisms are used extensively in industrial applications such as brewing, antibiotic production, and water treatment because they can contribute to the effluent quality of these systems. considerable variation exists in the types of microorganisms that are used for various purposes in industry. For example, different strains of bacteria have been found to be effective at removing contaminants from water while also producing high-quality beer. By using a variety of microbes for specific tasks in an industrial setting, it is possible to produce clean and safe products with little or no impact on the environment.

Microbes in wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications. Microorganisms play an essential role in the removal of organic matter from water using primary and secondary processes. There are thousands of different yeast species, more than a thousand strains of bacteria, and about one hundred coliform species that can serve as a disinfectant classification for Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs).

These microbe cells are classified into five major groups: microorganisms causing disease, yeast and yeasts causing disease, protozoa causing disease, aquatic micro-organisms as defined by Stuttgarter beer brewery, asphalts direct using 17 bacteria contamination types identified more than one microorganism into wastewater treatment facilities associated with their total suspensions column to the ends of another type of problems are related both environmental impact they provide in industrial applications.

Assignment Task 7: Recognize the importance of microorganisms in biogeochemical events.

The role of microorganisms in biogeochemical events is becoming increasingly recognized. Many scientists believe that the rate at which carbon, nitrogen, and water are exchanged between soils, ocean sediments, lakes, and rivers is greatly affected by the presence or absence of microorganisms. Most food crops are exclusive to particular regions of land due to microorganisms that provide agriculture with their unique biodiversity.

Microbes also interact with humans via probiotics and dietary supplements where more than, communities of bacteria help maintain balance within the gut. Microbiota is shown to play an important role in the processing of xenobiotic pesticides and influence the development of industrial compounds such as triclosan (a disinfectant) and atrazine (an antimicrobial), both biodegradable persistent pharmaceuticals.

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