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QQI level 6 Major (6M4978) Health Services Supervisory Management Skills Assignment Sample Ireland

This sample essay discusses the course health services supervisory management skills and it has an award type of major and a course code of 6M4978.  The course discusses ways and means to work in a supervisory role in health services.

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It also guides the learners who are desirous of pursuing higher education in a relevant field. Therefore, the learner of the course will know how to function in a supervisory role in health services and he will also be able to use the course content for further training and education.

The learners have to appear for assessment after the completion of the course and assignments are an important part of a course. Learners can seek completed assignment write-ups and other solved papers for this course online. 

Certificate requirements for Health Services Supervisory Management Skills

The total credit value of Health Services Supervisory Management Skills is 120. These are the following course components that are associated with the course in context:-

Award Code Component Title
6N2775 Conflict Management
6N4329 Supervisory Management
6N1950 Communications
6N0697 Customer Service
6N1948 Team Leadership
6N2191 Leadership
6N1949 Personal and Professional Development
6N1946 Work Experience
6N1947 Work Practice
6N2196 Rehabilitation Practice
6N2206 Person-Centered Planning
6N2207 Boundary Management
6N2214 Health Promotion
6N2532 Web Authoring
6N3145 Characteristics of Management Systems
6N3669 Group Work Theory and Practice
6N3673 Strategic Planning
6N3748 Gerontology
6N3750 Human Resources Management
6N3945 Managing People
6N4005 Payroll Manual and Computerized
6N4089 Spreadsheets
6N4090 Project Management
6N4146 Costing
6N4165 Finance
6N4322 Employment Law
6N1975 Disability Awareness
6N4369 Corporate Governance
6N4425 Voluntary Sector Training Skills
6N4447 Community Care Supervision
6N4448 Statutory Workplace Policies and Procedures
6N4977 Word Processing

What are the learning outcomes of Health Services Supervisory Management Skills?

The learners pursuing the course need to have the skills, knowledge, and competence to participate in the assessment tests. Such tests help the assessors to analyze and evaluate the learner’s skills, competence, and knowledge. This section of the essay focuses on the various learning outcomes concerning the course Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (6M4978). 

Get knowledge on Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (6M4978)

The course furnishes knowledge and skills that a supervisor within the settings of health services needs to possess. The course also helps the learners to apply and implement the concepts that are relevant to health services and supervisory management. 

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Obtain skills and knowledge related to Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (QQI Level 6)

Use tools and skills to work out strategies needed for management at the supervisory level in various types of healthcare settings. The learners can use management theories ideal for supervisory level, techniques, and tools to discover responses concerning routine and non-routine health services. 

Acquire Competence in Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (6M4978)

Learners of the course Health Services Supervisory Management Skills require using concepts of supervisory management, creative thinking, skills, and principles related to health services.  In this manner, they can acquire competence in the course.

Yet another manner to acquire confidence is by being responsible for organizing, prioritizing, and managing work at the personal level. Competence can also be acquired by undertaking the work of others to attain specific objectives.

The learners need to assess their learning mechanisms and support others to find out their respective styles of writing, and requirements within an environment for learning that is structured. To attain competence at work the learners will have to focus on professional and personal practice and then develop within the context of health services. 

Therefore, the course provides useful insights on knowledge, skills, and competence concerning health services. The essay only discusses the important points for the sake of understanding the students.

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