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FETAC Level 6 Child Psychology Assignment Sample, Ireland

This sample assignment discusses Child Psychology (QQI Level 6) which is a course offered by “The Open College” in Dublin as part of a distance program with a duration of about 8 weeks. On successful completion of the course on Child Psychology, the students are awarded a certificate (Level 6) by QQI.

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This course has certain objectives and they include providing the students with the theoretical know-how about child psychology. The course also helps the students to understand the relevancy of the theoretical know-how in applied contexts.

This Assignment also emphasizes the fact that best educational practice is associated with a kid’s cognitive level and hence unless the kid has a requisite level of development, certain objectives of education may not be achieved. The course also aims to explore the emotional and social development of a kid.

The course provides a comprehensive account of child psychology and how it acts as the foundation of adult psychology. The course is useful to individuals who are assuming a job role in child care and development. 

Child Psychology QQI Level 6 Course Topics

This essay on Child Psychology (QQI Level 6) covers the following topics:-

Child and Developmental Psychology

Child and developmental psychology is an important branch of study. This branch of study focuses on the behavior and mind of the kids commencing from prenatal development right up to adulthood or adolescence.

Child psychology deals with children growing physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Child and development psychology features the 5 stages of a kid’s development and they are as follows:-

  • Cognitive Development
  • Language and Speech Development
  • Development of Gross Motor Skill 
  • Development of Fine Motor Skill 
  • Emotional and Social Development

The professionals who specialize in the subject of child psychology are referred to as child psychologists and they work with the doctors and the parents to comprehend the situation a child is in, and diagnose and treat any type of health and psychological issues in a kid. With early intervention, professional developmental psychologists help a kid to get back on track with development. 

Early Socialization

Early socialization takes place when a child gets to know about the values, actions, and attitudes that are essential for members or groups within a particular culture. Such type of socialization is influenced by the friends and family of the kid.

It is that phase in a kid’s life wherein the kid learns how to react to any particular situation. Socialization is vital for the development of a kid. Socialization helps a kid to comprehend others’ feelings and needs, manage personal feelings, and interact respectably.

In this context, it is relevant to add that there are 4 different types of socialization and they are as follows:-

  • Primary Socialization
  • Developmental or Professional Socialization
  • Anticipatory Socialization
  • Re-Socialization

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Cognitive Development

This section of the essay focuses on the cognitive development of a child. Such type of development is referred to the baby’s mental capacity to solve problems or issues, it also discusses language acquisition and learning about various objects that are important in day-to-day life and also the relations between causes and effects.

In this context, it is relevant to mention that there are 4 stages of cognitive development and they are as follows:-


Babies just after birth (18–24 months old) pass through this stage of cognitive development. The objective of this stage is to inculcate object permanence.


Kids who are 2-7 years of age pass through this stage of cognitive development.  The objective of this stage is to inculcate symbolic thought.

Concrete operational

Kids aged between 7-11 years pass through this stage of cognitive development and the objective of this stage is to inculcate operational thought.

Formal operational

Those who are in their adolescence pass through this stage of cognitive development and the objective is to inculcate abstract concepts.

Social Development

This section of the essay gives the readers an insight into social development in early childhood. The concept is very important in the life of a person as it helps the person to acquire good health, happiness, and well-being throughout the entire life. Social development involves a kid’s ability to interact with others in society.

It also involves kids’ ability to regulate their behavior. Therefore, social development in early childhood is the process by which a kid learns to communicate with others in society and it is the process that allows the child to develop friendships with others as well as how a kid handles conflicts with others. 

Social Behavior

Kids display a social behavior that is very opposite to a mature adult. Social behaviors that are common in early childhood include poor social skills, non-compliance, and disruptive behaviors like yelling, tantrums, and hyperactive behaviors. Often it is observed that the environment of a child is often responsible for the behavior that he or she displays. 

Adolescence and Adulthood

This segment of the essay focuses on what adolescence and adulthood are. Adolescence is an intermediary period that exists between childhood and corresponding adulthood. It involves some significant bodily changes and it also involves alterations in the way a person interacts with the world.

Understanding the expectations from different stages of development of a person helps to promote the healthy development of the mind and body of that person. The five important attributes of adolescence are biological development and growth, an undefined status, enhanced decision-making abilities, working under high work pressures, and the quest to know the self.

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