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CHEN20020 Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering Measurement Assignment Sample Ireland

Chemical and bioprocess engineering (C&BP) is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to the conversion of raw materials into useful products. The field is a combination of two branches of engineering: chemical engineering and bioprocess engineering.

Measurement is critical in C&BP processes, as it allows for the determination of important process parameters such as concentration, temperature, and pH. In addition, measurements can be used to calculate important values such as yield and product purity. There are a variety of different types of measurements that can be performed in C&BP, including weight, volume, and concentration measurements.

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Process control is another key aspect of C&BP operations. By using feedback from measurement devices, process controllers can ensure that the desired product properties are maintained.

In C&BP operations, it is important to have a good understanding of the principles of mass and energy transfer. This knowledge is used to design equipment that can effectively and efficiently transfer heat or mass to or from the process stream.

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate a practical and analytical understanding of the principles of engineering measurement (i.e. temperature, pressure, flow, fluid rheology, particle size distribution) as applied to heat transfer, mass transfer, fluid flow, and particulate processes.

Measurement is essential in engineering, for without it we would be unable to ascertain the quantities of materials and energy involved in a process, and make informed decisions accordingly. In the field of heat transfer, mass transfer, and fluid flow, there are a number of different types of measurement which can be used to determine pertinent process parameters.

Some common measurements used in these fields include temperature, pressure, flow rate, and fluid rheology. Temperature can be measured using a variety of different methods, including thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and thermistors. Pressure can be measured using bourdon tubes, diaphragm pressure transmitters, or piezoelectric sensors. Flow rate can be determined using an orifice plate, pitot tube, or magnetic flowmeter. And fluid rheology can be measured using a viscometer.

In addition to the above measurements, particle size distribution can also be determined in C&BP processes. This can be done using a laser diffraction instrument, Coulter counter, or sieve shaker. By understanding the principles of engineering measurement, we can design equipment that is better equipped to handle the heat and mass transfer involved in these processes, as well as optimize the process conditions for optimal product quality.

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Assignment Task 2: Critically analyze engineering data, using appropriate statistical techniques (characterization of normal and log-normal distributions, linear regression analysis, confidence intervals, t-tests, F-tests, chi-squared test, ANOVA), implemented using EXCEL, where appropriate.

When analyzing engineering data, it’s important to use appropriate statistical techniques in order to get an accurate understanding of what the data is telling us. In particular, it’s important to be able to distinguish between normal and log-normal distributions and to be able to perform linear regression analysis.

Normal distributions are characterized by having a bell-shaped curve, with most of the data points falling near the mean. Log-normal distributions are characterized by having a long “tail” on the right side of the curve, with a few data points far away from the mean.

Linear regression analysis is used to identify relationships between two or more variables. It can be used to determine how well one variable predicts another variable, or how much of the variance in one variable is explained by the other variable.

Confidence intervals are used to estimate the precision of a statistic. They indicate the range of values within which we can be 95% certain that the true value of the statistic lies.

T-tests are used to determine whether two groups of data are statistically different from each other. F-tests are used to determine whether two or more sets of data are statistically different from each other. And chi-squared tests are used to determine whether two or more categorical variables are statistically different from each other.

By using appropriate statistical techniques, we can gain a better understanding of the data we’re dealing with and make more informed decisions about how to proceed with our engineering projects.

Assignment Task 3: Quantitatively estimate the uncertainty in experimentally-determined quantities.

When dealing with measurements in the physical sciences, one of the most important aspects of experimental work is to characterize the associated uncertainty. This uncertainty can be evaluated in a number of ways, but typically follows the tenets of statistical analysis.

One method for estimating uncertainty is to use error bars on graphs. These error bars represent the range within which it is 95% likely that the “true” value of a quantity actually lies. Another way to estimate uncertainty is through the use of confidence intervals, which give a measure of how certain one can be that a parameter lies within a given range.

A third way to estimate uncertainty uses propagation-of-errors equations, which allow one to calculate an overall uncertainty for a set of measurements. In this way, one can account for the uncertainty in individual measurements and get a more accurate estimate of the overall uncertainty in the data.

By understanding the principles of uncertainty estimation, we can better assess the reliability of our experimental results and make more informed decisions about how to proceed with our work.

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Assignment Task 4: Effectively undertake an independent study, on a discipline-related topic.

It’s important to find a study topic that really interests you if you want to be successful in an independent study. When I was in college, I found a biochemistry book at the library and read through it on my own. It was difficult, but I learned so much because I was interested in the material. If you’re not motivated to learn about the subject matter, it will be very difficult to get good grades.

That said, don’t be afraid to ask your professor for help if you’re struggling. Professors are always happy to help students who are trying their best. And finally, make sure you practice good studying habits. Consistent study will help you learn and remember the material better.

Assignment Task 5: Collate and meaningfully present engineering information and data.

There is a lot of information and data out there on engineering, but it can be difficult to find the most meaningful and relevant bits. In this talk, we’ll collate some key information and data on engineering and present it in a way that makes sense.

Engineering is the process of designing, constructing, and maintaining structures, machines, and systems. It’s an essential field that helps us build everything from buildings to bridges to machines.

Engineers use mathematics and scientific principles to design solutions to problems. They must have strong analytical skills and be able to think logically to solve complex problems. They also need to have good communication skills so they can collaborate with other professionals on projects.

Engineering is a versatile field that can be applied to a variety of industries. There are many different specialties within engineering, so engineers can find a field that matches their interests and skills.

Engineers make an important contribution to society by helping us build the things we need to live and work. They play a key role in developing new technologies and improving existing ones. By understanding the principles of engineering, we can appreciate the importance of this field and the great things it has to offer.

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Assignment Task 6: Describe and apply basic principles of Statistical Process Control.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a tool used by businesses to ensure that their products are manufactured according to specifications. In other words, it’s a way of ensuring that the output of a manufacturing process is consistent and meets the customer’s requirements.

There are three basic principles of SPC: 

  • Control charts allow you to identify when your process is “out of control” and needs to be corrected; 
  • Variation within a process is normal, and should be expected; 
  • The goal of SPC is to reduce variation in the output of a process so that it meets the customer’s requirements.

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