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QQI Level 5 Anatomy and Physiology Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment sample is all about the course customer service with course code 5N0749. The course’s award type is Minor and has a level 5, credit value of 15. The course on Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749) discusses how to make the learners aware of skills, knowledge, and competence to comprehend the functions as well as the structures of the human body.

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It is important to understand that learners after getting educated about the course may also know about the relationships that exist between the different parts of the human body. This course on Anatomy and Physiology discusses the various learning outcomes. It also discusses the assessment and assessment techniques. 

What are the outcomes of learning?

The learners learning the course can know about the following outcomes of learning:-

The differences between physiology and anatomy

In life sciences, anatomy and physiology are two disciplines of academic interest. Anatomy deals with the external and internal body structures. It also discusses the physical relationships between the body parts. Physiology implies the understanding of the functions associated with the structures. This course Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749) discusses the difference between the physiology and anatomy of the human body.

Structures and functions of animal cells, cell organelles

Animal cells possess a cell membrane. The cells also contain an organelle, a nucleus. Animal cells don’t possess a cell wall. The course in context discusses the functions and structures of animal cells and cell organelles. 

Classification of tissues

There are mainly 4 types of tissues within our body. These tissues include epithelial, connective, muscle tissues, and nervous tissues. The course Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749) discusses the tissues. It also provides information about the classification of the tissues. 

Differentiation between malignant and benign tumors

There are two types of tumors in a cancer patient. These can be malignant or benign. The malignant tumors are serious ones and they can spread in surrounding tissues, resulting in death. The benign tumor formation takes place at a spot. This course also provides important information about the tumors and their classifications. 

Composition of bones

The course also provides important information about the composition of bones. These include studies like the functioning of the skeleton, bones of axial skeletons, and structures of long bones. It also discusses the 4 different types of synovial joints. 

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Categories and functions of joints

In the study of anatomy and physiology, there is a topic that discusses the various functions and categories of joints. 

Identification of the muscles of the body

The course helps the learners to identify the different types of muscles that are there within the human body.  The course helps to understand the difference between muscular and skeletal systems. 

Function and structure of blood

Helps in understanding the functions of blood and it also helps in understanding the function of blood in maintaining passive and active immunity. 

Functions of the heart

The course helps to understand the heart functions as the structure of capillaries, veins, and arteries. 

Various lymphatic system parts

The Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749) also help to understand the various components of the lymphatic system. 

Digestive system parts

The course focuses on comprehending the various parts of the digestive system like the study of the organs and their functions, functions of the alimentary canal, and stomach parts. 

Composition of fats, protein, and carbohydrates

The course is useful for comprehending the composition of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and also understanding the absorption process, assimilation process, and metabolism process. 

Structure and parts of the respiratory system

The course also outlines the different structures and functions of the respiratory system.

Describe the objective of blood, muscles, and nervous system in the breathing process

The course also discusses the objective of muscles, blood, and the nervous system in the breathing process. 

Process of exchange of gases within the alveoli

Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749) helps in understanding how the process of exchange of gases occurs in the alveoli.

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Reproductive systems of male and female 

The course also discusses male and female reproduction, it discusses reproductive organs, and the functions of hormones in the reproduction process. 

Understanding of the terms fertilization, insemination, and implantation

The course also discusses the terms insemination, fertilization, and implantation. 

Comprehending the functionalities of the brain parts

The learners can also know the various functionalities of brain parts.

Difference between central, autonomic, and peripheral nervous systems

The learners can also know about the differences between the autonomic, central, and peripheral nervous systems. 

Difference between exocrine and endocrine glands

The course also helps to understand the differences between exocrine and endocrine glands. 

The objective of hormones in the process of metabolism

The hormones like insulin, thyroxin, and the growth hormone help in the process of metabolism. The course helps to discuss the same.

Understanding the urinary system

The learners can know about the function of the kidney, and the structure of the nephron. 

Comprehending the dermal structure

Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749) helps in comprehending the structure and functions of the skin, and the relationship between the skin and the nervous systems.

Objective and functions of the human body

The course also discusses the function of the human body and the relationships that exist between body parts. 

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Assessment & Assessment Techniques

The learners learning the course are required to sit for an assessment or evaluation at the end of the learning. The assessment or evaluation helps the assessors to understand the level of knowledge, competency, or skills that the learners possess.

There are various techniques for assessing the knowledge levels, skills, or levels of competency of the learners. The common assessment instruments that are used by the assessors by the QQI guidelines are examination papers, mark sheets, assessment criteria, assignment briefs, and project briefs.

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