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Truth is set forth and expressed differently in texts which are variously historical: Biblical Studies Assignment, DCU, Ireland

University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject Biblical Studies

“Truth is set forth and expressed differently in texts which are variously historical, prophetic, poetic, or of other forms of discourse. The interpreter must investigate what meaning the sacred writer intended to express and actually expressed in particular circumstances by using contemporary literary forms in accordance with the situation of his own time and culture.” (Dei verbum, 12) Taking as your starting point the above quote, examine a biblical passage you have studied on the course through the lens of the three worlds of the text: How does engagement with the World of the Text and the World behind the Text enhance a reading of the passage in question? The World before the Text: How do these methods of approaching the biblical text assist those who read the Bible in pastoral settings? How might they assist the teacher in a primary school in 2023? 

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