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EH 6026: Marking Schedule of the Research Proposal- Applied research for public health, Dissertation Proposal, DCU, Ireland

University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject Applied research for public health Dissertation Proposal

Marks will be given by applying each of the headings below with discussion in the context of your chosen research

a) Background & Review of literature (qualitative study), including references:

This portion will be marked according to the focus and relevance of the background material and papers cited.

b) Research question(s), hypotheses, aims and/or objectives: 15 marks
Marks will be given according to the clarity of the objectives. PI/ECO format may be used.

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should be practical achievable goals to answer the study question. The focus of the research plan should be clearly explained
c) Methods/ Theoretical framework (qualitative study):  Study design (marks are gained if strengths and weaknesses of the specific design are described in a quantitative study)
d) Sampling:
e) Data collection, analysis and quality assurance:
f) Logistics (including timeline in touch with reality of running the study), ethical considerations and resources:
g) Information sheet, consent form and questionnaire (if relevant)

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