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Critically Evaluate Inclusivity, Equality And Diversity Terminology And Concepts Relevant To The Elc Sector In Ireland : Childcare QQI Level 6, CC, Ireland

University Chevron College (CC)
Subject Childcare QQI Level 6

 Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically evaluate inclusivity, equality and diversity terminology and concepts relevant to the ELC sector in Ireland.
  2. Differentiate between approaches to diversity education including assimilation, multicultural, intercultural, and anti-bias.
  3. Recognising barriers and challenges to inclusivity, equality, and diversity in ELC and develop strategies that support all children.
  4. Apply best practice guidelines to equality proof an ELC environment that support all children and their families.
  5. Demonstrate competence in the design of policies and procedures around inclusion, equality, and diversity.
  6. Understand the role of the ELC professional in supporting inclusivity, equality and diversity.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of a mandated person in line with current child safeguarding legislation and guidelines within the ELC environment.

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Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in ELC

Detailed introduction 

  • Describe what is Inclusion, Equality and Diversity (2 marks).
  • Discuss what is meant by inclusion and include a minimum of 5 definitions (3 marks).

Supporting Inclusivity – how this looks in practice

  • What are inclusive practices and strategies and how are they used
  • Detail the use of appropriate guides and tools to support inclusivity and describe how individual needs may be met
  • Discuss the role of the ELC educator in ensuring that an inclusive environment is provided for all children.

Developing an effective and appropriate curriculum 

(Include the bullet points listed below in your answer)

  • Ensuring the rights and voice of the child are included
  • Theories of Learning and Behaviour
  • Suitable approaches to implement diversity in the setting (multi-cultural/anti bias and inclusive play)
  • Recognising barriers that prohibits inclusivity, adhering to policies and procedures

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