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MI6273: Develop A Plan For Gathering Additional Evidence From The Experts, The Organisation Or The Stakeholders: Actionable Insights through Research, Individual Assignment, MU, Ireland

University Maynooth University (MU)
Subject MI6273: Actionable Insights through Research

SECTION 2: Develop A Plan For Gathering Additional Evidence From The Experts, The Organisation Or The Stakeholders

  • Based on the analysis above, identify one key piece of primary evidence (i.e., related to the problem or the solution) that is still missing and that the decision makers could gather to enhance their
  • The piece of evidence needs to be missing empirical evidence from the organization, stakeholders or practitioners that requires collection of โ€˜newโ€™ primary data (i.e., not secondary data). For example, if the missing evidence you identified concerns the job satisfaction differences (if any) between work-from-office and work-from-home employees in your organisation, the research question could be: What are the differences in job satisfaction between employees that work from home and that work from office?


  • What source of evidence will you tap into (i.e., organizational or stakeholders)?
  • Which research design (i.e., qualitative or quantitative) and which specific method (e.g., cross-sectional survey or qualitative interviews) will you use and why?
  • Who will you collect the data from? Please define precisely who your potential participants (i.e., population of interest) will be and provide an explanation for why you think that this population is
  • Often it is neither feasible nor necessary to ask all potential Rather, you will collect data from a sub-sample of the population you are interested in. How will you select individuals for your study (i.e., what sampling strategy will you use) and why?
  • What sample size will you go for (roughly) and why? To support your reasoning, please make a rough estimate of the overall size of the population of
  • When and where will you collect data from them and why?
  • Please briefly discuss what topics you will cover in this data collection (informed by relevant literature where relevant).
  • Develop 5 example questions/scales that could be used as part of this data collection. These should be related to the topics of interest, not demographic information (i.e., age, gender, etc. do not count here). Often, it is desirable to use pre-existing measures/questions from extant scientific literature. You do not necessarily have to do this, but it is absolutely OK to suggest pre-existing measures here instead of developing your own
  • For questions you developed yourself: Please explain your thought process when you developed these questions (e.g., their content and wording).
  • For questions/measures from the scientific literature: Please provide references to the scientific papers that developed the measures/questions you are suggesting, discuss why they are suitable for your data collection, and evaluate the measures/questions using the criteria discussed in class.

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