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Examine the role outlined in your report on the ELC service (part A). Identify the personal and professional skills: Early child and care Assignment, MU, Ireland

University Maynooth University (MU)
Subject Early child and care Assignment

Research Skills (5 marks) MIMLO’s 1 &2.

Learners will research an early learning and care setting for potential placement. A report will be produced with the following headings:

  • Location (0.5 marks)
  • Type of service (0.5 marks)
  • Opening hours (0.5 marks)
  • Facilities (1 mark)
  • Number of children (0.5 marks)
  • Number of staff (0.5 marks)
  • Job description of a role within the service. (1.5 marks)

Word count: 300-500 words. The service profile must be presented as a typewritten report.

  • Professional development planning skills (10 Marks) MIMLO’s 1&2.

Examine the role outlined in your report on the ELC service (part A). Identify the personal and professional skills and competencies required to carry out this role. Learners will be required to produce the following:

  • Comprehensive personal and vocational skills audit (2 marks)
  • A clear statement of short-, medium- and long-term goals for learning and development (2 marks)
  • An up-to-date CV and letter of application for the role showing their professional development (4 marks)
  • Two certificates for continuous Professional development (one Tusla Children First E-Cert) (1 mark)
  • Two references (one from your most recent employer/academic supervisor) (1 mark)

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