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In the year 2017. a number of people experiencing homelessness as a result of discrimination and there has been an increase: Challenges and Mitigation Strategies Assignment, NCI, Ireland

University National College of Ireland (NCI)
Subject Challenges and Mitigation Strategies

In the year 2017. a number of people experiencing homelessness as a result of discrimination and there has been an increase in homelessness over the decades. Homelessness is one of the major health problems among the public, and there has been a significant increase in the experience of homelessness which has resulted in an increase in mortality and morbidity.

Apart from that, there has been an increase in the rate of disease and suffering, which has impacted the overall quality of life of people, including mistrust, fear, inadequate sleep, and low level of social support. Discrimination is identified to be the unfair and just, and prejudicial treatment of people, which is commonly attributed in the form of race, sexual orientation, or age.

The experience associated with the discrimination is predominantly examined in the form of domicile samples and is associated with substance dependence and the problems associated with physical and mental health, which negatively impacts the overall quality of life.

There are several reasons which are perceived in terms of discrimination against homeless people in terms of racial discrimination and which contributes to health problems and which impacts the overall quality of life of the people. Among black adults, there are experiences that are identified in terms of racial discrimination, which are frequent and common and are also linked to lower health, psychological distress, and the tendency to engage in unhealthy behavior.

Homeless individuals are also subjected to discrimination due to a number of reasons which include race, sex, and age, as well as discrimination on the basis of socioeconomic, physical, and mental status as well as homelessness status. There are also some common factors in terms of substance abuse that render particularly to the vulnerable group of people and which impact the quality of life.

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The human right and equality commission of Ireland was established to promote and protect the equality and human right of the people to promote a culture of respect for intercultural understanding, equality, and the human right, and to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of equality and human right and for working towards the challenges associated to the discrimination and human right views.

The present scope of the study is motivated towards identification of the importance associated with the adequate housing facility in order to promote social inclusion and promotion of the well-being of the people and for introducing shelter and security for the subject well being and the good health of the people, what is central to the child development and the family life.

Adequate housing, as stated under! article 25 of the universal declaration of human rights, also signifies that everyone has the right to a standard of living for their well-being tithe people including housing, food, clothing, and medical care as well as the necessary social requirements. The scope of the report also gives an overview of the discrimination which are by homeless people and the challenges associated with mental health factors.

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