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EF5158: Identify a Public listed company of your choice from the US S&P 500 as the Acquiring company: Corporate Finance, Individual Assignment, DCU, Ireland

University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject EF5158 Corporate Finance

The Assignment details

1. Identify a Public listed company of your choice from the US S&P 500 as the Acquiring company.
2. You are required to analyse a Merger or Acquisition indertaken by this Acquiring company and conduct a detailed analysis of the target company in the M&A deal, analyse the M&A strategy used and explain how this impacted both Acquining and target company shareholders.
3. The Report will be semi-technical. i.e, It must have some basic numerical analysis presented in form of tables, figures, charts.
4. Supplementary analysis sheets can be submitted in form of excel, as a separate document.

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1. Make sure the following guidelines are adhered to. These in itself does not carry marks, but non-adherence can attract a penalty of 10 marks.

2. The Report Must be in the form of a “Professional Report” and not an Academic literature piece.

3. Tables and charts must be presented wherever necessary, and the source must be clearly indicated

4. The Report must have the following broad structure and your report must follow this

a. Professional Cover Page
b. Table of Contents
c. Introduction of the Acquiring company
d. M&A strategy used and how this created synergies
e. Post M&A analysis of your opinion on whether the M&A created value
f. Conclusion

5. The layout of the report must be neat, professional; ensuring the fonts, spacing etc. are consistent.

6. You may use ready to use templates for professional reports available via MS word or other word processing platforms.

7. NOTE: I need to stress that this is not an academic piece. I am expecting you to submit a professional report in a way you would submit to your client (Acquiring company).

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