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Design a local environmental trail for Fifth or Sixth class: Pediatrics Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Pediatrics

Task A:

Design a local environmental trail for Fifth or Sixth class. The trail should be undertaken in one location that is easily accessible from the school. The trail must be laid out in the assignment template.

  • The trail must develop skills in at least two of the SESE subjects (History, science or Geography).
  • The trail will feature 3 stops and each stop should have 4-6 activities. The trail can be

planned to take place in one session or over a few sessions.

  • A Global Citizenship approach must be incorporated.
  • The trail should allow for some collaborative work.
  • The design of the trail activities must incorporate a UDL approach (universal design for learning)- i.e differtiation for pupils and strategies the teacher would use to assist these.
  • The skills to be developed must be clearly stated for each task.
  • The trail must be designed in a manner that is attractive and motivating for pupils. You may include a combination of visuals and text. Other resources such as photographs/identification keys may be included as an appendix if relevant.

Task B:

Write a 650-word commentary to include the following:

  • Outline your overall intended learning objectives and success criteria for the trail. Describe how the trail will be assessed.
  • Describe the preparatory work that will be undertaken. You should outline how the pupils will be organised but you are not asked to discuss health and safety issues. Outline how a UDL approach will be adopted during engagement with the trail.
  • Suggest some follow up activities to consolidate and extend the learning.
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