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Describe How To Prevent The Spread Of Infection In A Care Facility: Safety & Health at Work QQI Level 5 Coursework, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Safety & Health at Work QQI Level 5

Infection Control:

1. List 4 methods by which infection spreads

2. Describe how to prevent the spread of infection in a care facility or hospital

3. Discuss 3 reasons why people in care facilities are more at risk of getting infections than in their own homes


1. What is an accident? List three different types of accidents that might occur in a care facility and name one way of preventing each accident

2. What would you do if a resident fell out of bed and was lying on the floor concussed? Please give a detailed account of the actions you would take

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1. Describe the role of the Health & Safety Authority and discuss three principal functions it

2. What is a Safety Statement based on and discuss its function?

3. Explain the role of the safety office in the workplace

Safety in the Healthcare Environment 

1. Outline how you should promote safe and healthy working practices in relation to yourself, your colleagues, and patients in the workplace

2. What are the principles and procedures of good housekeeping in the workplace?

3. What would you do if a colleague proposed moving a patient in an incorrect manner and needed your help you carry out the task?

Clear and Concise Referencing 

1. In-text referencing correctly

2. Harvard Referencing used

3. Reference List included

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