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Briefly discuss 4 of the most commonly associated conditions of your chosen disability: Children with Additional Needs – Level 5 Assignment, PC, Ireland

University Progressive College (PC)
Subject Children With Additional Needs
  • Introduction to project – Introduce the reader to what the project will be about.
  • Clear identification of the causes of this specific disability
  • Describe in detail the causes/ possible causes of your chosen disability
  • Identification of characteristics of this specific special need.
  • Describe in detail the characteristics of your chosen disability, focusing on 3 of the following difficulties: Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, Social.
  • Briefly discuss 4 of the most commonly associated conditions of your chosen disability
  • Description of Assistive Technologies, Physical Aids and Medical Aids specific to this special need
  • Focusing on your chosen child discuss in detail 5 items which can aid the child with this physical disability while in school.
  • The role of the special needs assistant
  • Describe in detail the role and responsibilities of the SNA when working with a child with this physical disability.
  • Educational options available for this child
  • Discuss two Educational Acts since 1990 which have facilitated the successful integration of children with additional needs into the mainstream school system.
  • Focusing on the special need of the child in question, which type of educational setting would you view as best for meeting this child’s needs? Give Reasons.
  • Appropriate developmental activities
  • Describe briefly 10 activities that would enable a child with this physical disability to:
  1. Integrate within the class
  2. Develop in specific areas
  • Detailed examination of one chosen activity of benefit to a child with this physical disability. 10 detailed reasons required

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