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5N2706 You are required to write 3 comprehensive reports on the below skills undertaken within the care setting with a Client /Service User: Care of the older Report Ireland

University The Open College (OC)
Subject 5N2706: Care of The Older Person

Assessment Details:
In this assessment, you are required to write 3 comprehensive reports on the below skills undertaken within the care setting with a Client /Service User.

1. An outing or indoor activity {examples of outing: trip to cinema, garden centre, park, examples of indoor: cookery, cards, storytelling, arts & craft etc.}

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2. A Reminiscence Session {examples: looking at old film, photo album, talking about past events in client’s life, school days etc.} preferably your client in this report should have a cognitive impairment

3. A Health Promotion Activity: {examples: Diet, Oral Hygiene, Exercise, hand hygiene, etc}
In the reports you are required to illustrate good client care practice. In each of the reports you need to illustrate understanding and knowledge of your role in promoting safe practices, client independence, support, autonomy and dignity during the planning and implementation of the activities.

It is preferably that each report is based on a different client and the activity is relevant and suitable Learning Outcomes addressed: 11,12,14, & 15 Your reports will be assessed on the following:
• Thorough organisation and preparation of the task, including identification of clients’ needs.
• Careful execution of the task.
• Effective communication throughout the task.
• Effective use of relevant safety and health practices.
• Comprehensive record of the task.

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