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Animal breeding is the process of increasing the number of animals in a place where they will be used for meat, egg, or other agricultural purposes. Breeding refers to any type of artificial selection and/or crossbreeding that produces an animal with qualities that are advantageous in one or more specific areas such as strength, speed, intelligence, beauty, or temperament.

Animal breeding is the process of selecting animals for specific features or characteristics, usually in an attempt to produce a different kind of animal. Breeding can take place in many ways, including through selective habits (such as eating only certain types of food), physical selection (such as having smaller body sizes), or sexual selection (such as choosing mates who are physically attractive) and then selecting their offspring for the same features.

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Animal mutants are a group of animals, usually living in the wild, which deviate slightly from the normal form and look of that animal species. Animal mutants tend to be infertile, meaning they cannot reproduce on their own, but they can aid in the genetic removal of undesired characteristics either externally or internally. An interesting note about mutant animals is that they are not necessarily an inferior form; scientists classify mutants in order to better understand them better and thus make advances in science for human benefit.

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In this section, we are describing some activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the underlying concepts and principles involved in selection for breed improvement. 

Selection for breed improvement is the process of making a choice, often taking into account factors such as sex, age, genetics, and other physical characteristics. The selection process usually begins with researching the genetic make-up of different breeds and then selecting those that are thought to be most likely to produce better offspring.

The type of animal that is being selected for breeding can be from almost any kind of background including domestic to exotics. If a crossbreed between two particularly specific animals becomes economically possible then a breeder might work towards producing such a crossbreed.

Pups are often used for selection, which is why animal breeding is often done in familiar environments. Animal movements usually involve the future breeder checking lots of different herds and seeing which ones have the characteristics that they are looking for.

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Assignment Activity 2:Outline factors controlling the rate of genetic gain and the response to selection in breeding programs. 

Selection in breeding programs is the main source of genetic gain for certain organisms. Selection can be subdivided into two categories: positive selection (where the organism benefits from being selected), and negative selection (where the organism is harmed by being selected). Positive selection results in increased variation among individuals, which leads to new mutations that are more likely to find crossover with other variants. Negative selection occurs when some beneficial mutants become less common due to drift or competition from better-performing variants.

There are many ways to control the rate and mechanism of genetic gain with a breeding program, for example by shooting for particular traits that are desired. Alternately, any animal within a breed could be randomly culled to reduce some unwanted traits. Free selection doesn’t just affect selective genes; it also affects alleles in non-selected species, altering their proportion and frequency—a process known as ‘gene flow’.

Selection can only work with breeding programs in the long term when they’re correctly managed and run. Breeders must work systematically but allow freedom in order to achieve good results. The success of a program is likely to determine the kind and extent of follow-on research, so new methods must be explored step by step as needed, working side by side with diversification trial dogs.  

Assignment Activity 3:Demonstrate how the basic principles are applied in breed improvement strategies.

Breeds are improvement strategies used to improve the morphological, functional, and economic aspects of a breed. The goal is to create a breed that can be productive in both commercial and agricultural settings. There are three main exercises of selection of quality traits and one of sheer numbers (wide foundation dogs being important during initial breeding).

An extensive process and many tests are done in the succeeding generations to improve performance on specific tasks and to ensure a new breed formation with the desired type of animals. It is done to ensure that optimal qualities are factored out at all stages of the process and remain so in the results. Fertility and development tests and morphological guidelines formulate the stage of gene importation, while adjustments to working specifications in a field of new criteria direct the modern world that directly gathers economically—while not absolutely depending on quality.

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