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Your assignment is to produce an Institutional quality Investment Research Report into, or Critical Analysis of, an asset, market, sector: Finances Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Finance

Your assignment is to produce an Institutional quality Investment Research Report into, or Critical Analysis of, an asset, market, sector, company, Institution, or major financial or economic theme of your choosing that is consistent with the Module Contents and Module Learning Outcomes. This report represents 50% of your final mark for this module.


The broad range of possible subjects and presentations will allow your group to focus on an area that is topical and or resonates with you – this increases engagement and results and caters to the range of experience within the group as well as individual strengths.

Topics could include broad investment themes such as Technology and Innovation incl. Fintech, ESG/SRI investing, Regulation, Industry Consolidation, macro investment methodologies such as Commodities, Interest Rates, Bonds and Currencies, equity themes such as Growth V Value, Quality, Yield, sector specific themes such as Transport and EV’s, Luxury Goods, Energy, Technology or stock specific topics such as Nvidia, Ryanair, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway etc.

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A 2500 word per group report to be uploaded onto Moodle by COB August 4, 2023. Groups or teams ideally of 5 members to be self-selected. One submission per group onto Moodle will suffice.

Format and marking scheme as follows:

  1. Executive Summary or Abstract 10%
  2. Introduction and Research Question – Context, relevance including recent commentary 10%
  3. Literature Review – Recent Banking, Financial Media and or Academic publications – Consensus views 20%
  4. Analysis and Argument – Comparing and contrasting your view to the salient points found in the Literature Review including Fundamental, Financial and or Technical-analysis and arguments 50%

5. Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations 10%

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