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You are required to watch the movie Fish tank (2009) available on Netflix – if you don’t have access to Netflix: Practice Reflections Case Study Ireland

You are required to watch the movie Fishtank (2009)– available on Netflix – if you don’t have access to Netflix, please contact the library to borrow a DVD copy.

From what you can ascertain from what you have seen in the movie you are required to:

(1) Prepare a profile of Mia which must include:

  • A needs analysis
  • Tools of engagement or methods of relationship building that you might employ when working with Mia. (LO1) (SoP 1.22)

(2) Outline an intervention you would put in place for Mia? You must identify the needs you wish to address, the rationale for your intervention and what you aim to achieve through the intervention. (LO2,4) (SoP 1.17, 1.19)

(3) Discuss how multidisciplinary working could effectively support Mia. (LO3) (SoP 1.2, 2.14)

(4) Using Collingwood 3 stage theory framework (2005), describe one theory to inform and one theory to intervene in relation to working with Mia. (LO4) (SoP 3.6)

(5) Identify two skills you currently have and two skills you would need to develop to work with Mia. Outline why you consider these skills relevant to working with this service user. (LO5,6) (SoP 3.6, 5.19)

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