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Write a research proposal about any area of climate action (transport, food, energy, shopping, agriculture: Advanced research Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Advanced research Assignment

Research proposal 

Write a research proposal about any area of climate action (transport, food, energy, shopping, agriculture, etc.). You can find out about people’s attitudes, behaviors, fears, experiences, etc., do an intervention, or evaluate an intervention. You can work with any age group and in any setting. This is a planning exercise only; you will not have to collect or analyze any data.
Required content
The research proposal submission should contain the following sections and sub-headings:

1. Title
2. Literature review (±600 words)

  • Start with a brief introduction to the topic, setting, and population. Give definitions of and background of the problem/issue you have chosen (approx. 100 words).
  • Next, summarise and critically evaluate the current state of knowledge about this topic/issue, the types of research designs and methods used to study it, and the strengths and limitations of the research studies reviewed (approx. 500 words)
  • To do this you must review at least FOUR separate research studies from journals. For each study reviewed, you must describe the location, sample, methods, results and overall conclusions, within an essay style of presentation.
  • Please read past dissertations to see how articles are referred to and incorporated into a review and how to cite and reference them properly.
  • You must attach copies of the four (or more) journal articles reviewed to the end of your
  • Cite references for all information supplied and provide a reference list at the very end.

3. Conclusions, rationale, and research questions (±300 words)

  • Start with a conclusion that draws together the main points.
  • Next, briefly outline the rationale for your proposed research: what is your justification for doing it?
  • Then state the overall aim of the research.
  • Finally, list your specific research questions.

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