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Unit: Databases- Spring 2024: Write a clear non-technical summary for a company’s senior management team, their stakeholders: Organisational Summative Report Assignment, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject Database

Task 1 Analysis and Design

Produce the following documents:
a) Introduction, outline, and initial analysis: Write a clear non-technical summary for a company’s senior management team, their stakeholders, and shareholders. Assume that your summary will be read by those who have very limited knowledge or digital skills in databases.

In your summary use clear, concise language and fully explain any technical terms that are used so that the readers can understand its contents.

The summary should:
i) Introduce the company and describe the nature of its business.
ii) Explain what a database is and what typical functions the proposed database
will perform.
iii) Clearly list and describe the transactions the database will carry out to help the daily functions of the organisation.
iv) List all entities to be included in the database.
v) Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a
database specifically for the organisation you have chosen.

b) Using the list of entities and functions identified in task 1a), complete the following:

i) Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and list and normalise to 3
rd normal form (3NF) all the attributes that will be required in the database

ii) The Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) should show at least SIX (6) data entities from the initial analysis from the identification of the transactions that were carried out in task 1a).

iii) Provide a written statement of any problems that you encountered during the process of creating the ERD and production of the 3 rd Normal Form (3NF) and explain the process you undertook to resolve any errors you found.

c) Create a full Data Dictionary for the entity relationship model using the entities and attributes identified in task 1b). The data dictionary should include the following:

i) All attributes used for each entity.
ii) Identify all primary, foreign, and compound keys that you have created.
iii) Show the data type and field length (if applicable) for each attribute used.
iv) Include any field constraints that have been identified from your chosen organisation

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