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Why are these two important to the child’s learning and development: advanced child development Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject advanced child development


Introduce the topics and give a bit of background to the educator’s important role and the important role of the environment. Why are these two important to the child’s learning and development

Give a brief understanding of what the educator’s role is in the early years setting. It is important to give that to the reader.

Then go in and speak about

  • Anti basis – what that looks like in practice? How that is important and how an anti–basis approach can support children in learning and development. Something that you are teaching the child, is positive change. How would you adopt an anti–basis approach in the setting and how will it contribute to positive learning and development?
  • You have to be able to module inclusive practice within your setting what does that look like, and how does that promote learning and development in your service.
  • Then how does it all contribute to high quality ECEC, how does your values contribute to better quality work practices, your beliefs, theroically speaking how can quality be achieved through your role and what does positive change look like for children’s learning and development.

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