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Which of the Leader’s characteristics should Emilie develop with her two Brand Directors?: leadership and organizational behaviour Case Study, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject leadership and organizational behaviour Case Study
Case Study
Applying the skills and knowledge obtained in this course, students are to read the case study about Management and Leadership (Module Guide) and respond to the following questions by creating a 1600=word count report on the following:
1. Which of the Leader’s characteristics should Emilie develop with her two Brand Directors? (15 points)
2. How could Emilie most effectively use this Leadership skill in her Leader role? And what would that bring to the Brand directors and staff? (20 points)

3. As staff seems uncertain about the future due to high turnover and Emilie’s negative conversation style, what steps could be taken to build staff confidence and motivation? (20 points)

4. Which Management or Leadership Styles are Emilie, Peter and Jessica using? (15 points)

5. What advice would you give Emilie to improve her leadership skills and the Brand Directors to improve their management & leadership skills? (20 points)

6. Reference to principles and data should be applied. (10 points)
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