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To research three roles that you intend working towards, or applying for, as part of your own personal career objectives: Research method professionalism Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Research method professionalism

To research three roles that you intend working towards, or applying for, as part of your own personal career objectives.  This will involve you researching the current job market to identify the skill sets and qualifications that are currently in demand and needed to successfully undertake these roles.

You will need to undertake a skills gap analysis to enable the creation of your own Personal Development Plan based on your own individual learning requirements.

It is hoped that as you progress through your professional career this personal development plan will assist you in the future.

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Additional Information:

  • Lecturers are not required to review draft assessment submissions. This may be offered at the lecturer’s discretion.
  • In accordance, feedback to learners may be provided in written, audio or video format and can be provided as individual learner feedback, small group feedback or whole class feedback.
  • Results and feedback will only be issued when assessments have been marked and moderated / reviewed by a second examiner.
  • Additional feedback may be provided as individual, small group or whole class feedback. Lecturers are not obliged to respond to email requests for additional feedback where this is not the specified process or to respond to further requests for feedback following the additional feedback.
  • Following receipt of feedback, where a student believes there has been an error in the marks or feedback received, they should avail of the recheck and review process and should not attempt to get a revised mark / feedback by directly approaching the lecturer. Lecturers are not authorised to amend published marks outside of the recheck and review process or the Board of Examiners process.
  • Students are advised that disagreement with an academic judgement is not grounds for review.
  • For additional support with academic writing and referencing students are advised to contact the CCT Library Service or access the CCT Learning Space.

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