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To demonstrate your understanding of the interaction of links in the Supply Chain and how they can best be managed: Supply chain management and logistics Assignment, CMI, Ireland

University Communications & Management Institute (CMI)
Subject Supply chain management and logistics Assignment

Assignment Objective
To demonstrate your understanding of the interaction of links in the Supply Chain and how they can best be managed.

For the assignment, you will develop a Supply Chain Management plan for the organization you currently work for.

(If your own organization isn’t suitable, then you can also use another organization that you are familiar with. Please discuss with your teacher if you are considering this option.)
⦁ First, identify the links in the supply chain from the extraction of raw materials to consumption by the end user.
⦁ Then, develop your recommended Supply Chain Management Plan for the entire chain, including the following sections:
⦁ Document the competition and challenges currently being experienced in the market in which the organization operates.
⦁ Consider the options available at each link to buy or make, employ or contract, partner or collaborate
⦁ Detail how you will monitor, measure, and control your recommendations

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