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The Major Consultancy Project is an innovative and practical component of the MSc Global Business Services program, which requires participants: Major Consultancy Project Research Paper, TUD, Ireland

University Technological University Dublin (TUD)
Subject Major Consultancy Project

The Major Consultancy Project is an innovative and practical component of the MSc Global Business Services program, which requires participants to complete a real-time project on behalf of an organization. It is envisaged that most participants will complete a project on behalf of their own sponsoring organization. However, some participants may choose a company or industry sector that is relevant to the next stage in their career.

The Consultancy Project brings learning together in a meaningful way while giving the participant the opportunity to conduct individual research, which is specialized in nature and can be customized. It is the key program component enabling students to realize a significant piece of individual and structured investigation, which is largely self-directed, and to apply newly honed consultancy and research skills.

The completed Major Consultancy Project will result in a project which must meet the academic requirements of a Masters’s Degree award

Academically the Major Consultancy Project tests the learner’s ability to apply learning to real organizational issues. The academic submission must demonstrate the learner’s understanding and logical application of relevant concepts encountered throughout the program modules.

The Major Consultancy Project is designed as an individual piece of assessment for several reasons. It confers a sense of ownership on you the learner. It gives you an opportunity to deliver a meaningful piece of research to your organisation. It allows you to pursue projects that fit with your career and business aspirations.

This Major Consultancy Project also offers the learner an opportunity to step free of the blind spots that automatically arise in fast-paced get-it-done work situations. The topic of the Major Consultancy Project can be outside of the participant’s current role and function within the organization in order to maximize learning and their appreciation of the more holistic and strategic aspects of the environment within which the organization operates.

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