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Task 1: Brief History of the MNE showing key data such as profits, revenues, customer size: Business economics Case Study, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Business economics Case Study

Case Study

Task 1: Brief History of the MNE showing key data such as profits, revenues, customer size etc

  • Manage complex professional activities and projects, taking responsibility for decision-making in the context of economic uncertainty;
  • Critically engage with mechanisms bywhich national and global economic systems work.

Task 2: Analyse the effect of blockchain technology for the MNE, does it fit the objectives of your chosen MNE?

  • Solve complex and unpredictable problems by determining appropriate economic solutions that draw on a robust, critical awareness of the role of information in the market economy;
  • Gather and interpret relevant data to inform judgments on the relevant pricing and market strategies for a variety of market structures and in the presence of market failures;
  • Demonstrate innovative theoretical and practical responses to situations of economic uncertainty, through evaluation of changes in macroeconomic variables and policymaking.

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Task 3: Evaluate the potential impact of blockchain technology and how the MNE can benefit consumers by adopting this technology into its operations

  • Critically evaluate changing market conditions in terms of supply, demand and possible government intervention and formulate appropriate and sustainable organisational responses;
  • Make professional judgements on the evaluation of economic challenges related to business cycles, social and private costs, taxation and government regulation;
  • Critically evaluate and interpret economic information from both the environment and the organisation with the purpose of finding solutions to business problems.

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