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Respect and uphold the rights, dignity and autonomy of every service user including their role in the diagnostic: Health and social care Assignment, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject Health and social care Assignment

Standards of Proficiency relevant to this assessment:

  •  Respect and uphold the rights, dignity and autonomy of every service user including their role in the diagnostic, therapeutic and social care process.
  • Understand the role of policies and systems to protect the health, safety, welfare, equality and dignity of service users, staff and volunteers.
  • Be able to evaluate the effect of their own characteristics, values and practice on interactions with service users and be able to critically reflect on this to improve practice.
  • Understand the need to empower service users to manage their well-being where possible and recognise the need to provide advice to the service user on self-treatment, where appropriate.

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  • Be able to comply with relevant and current health and safety legislation and guidelines and be able to access recommendations and findings of inquiries, investigations and associated reports relevant to social care.
  • Understand and be able to apply principles of social justice in one’s work including being able to challenge negative discrimination and unjust policies and practices and demonstrate an understanding of cultural competence; and work towards social inclusion.
  • Understand and apply a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to one’s work including the promotion of the service user’s participation in their own care; ensure clear accountability; apply principles of non-discrimination; support other staff members to empower service users to realise their rights; be aware of the legality of actions within a service including the need to comply with any relevant legislative requirements including adhering to human rights obligations.

  • Be able to analyse activity and adapt environments to enhance participation and engagement in meaningful life experiences and positively influence the health, well-being and function of individuals, families, groups and communities in their everyday activities, roles and lives.
  • Be able to identify and understand the impact of social care history, organisational, community and societal structures, systems and culture on social care provision.

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