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PHOL6006 what is the lab practical that is being performed, give some background information on the main theme of the lab: Human Anatomy Assignment, CIT, Ireland

University Cork Institute Of Technology (CIT)
Subject PHOL6006 Human Anatomy Assignment


(Set up the whole premise of the lab practical – what is the lab practical that is being performed, give some background information on the main theme of the lab. Why conduct such experiments – what are the main goals of this lab)

Materials and Methods:
(As per manual – unless there have been any deviations from the manual – if so, it is necessary to capture the changes here)

(Display/present all of your results here – remember to use proper titles for the table and label all diagrams with appropriate descriptive labels also)

Table 2: Absorbance values @340nm

Human Anatomy Assignment

(Discuss all results in detail – did they meet the objectives of the lab practical – explain if yes or no. Why perform these experiments – give real-world applications to this work)

(You will be given case study information from your lab demonstrator about the two patients (T1, T2) you have investigated in this practical. Using this information and the laboratory data you have generated in the practical, discuss the significance of the laboratory results in the context of the health and well-being of the patients.)

(Justify why you did the experiment in the first place, what are the overall outcomes of these experiments, and what impact this work has on a clinical setting or otherwise)

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