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K490: Which of the European leather brand do you most like and Have you ever purchased leather goods: European Planning Dissertation, QUB, Ireland

University Queen's University Belfast (QUB)
Subject K490: European Planning


  1. Which of the European leather brand do you most like?
  2. Have you ever purchased leather goods?
  3. When purchasing leather goods, what are the characteristics you value the most?
  4. How frequently do you purchase leather goods?
  5. DO you prefer any specific brand?
  6. Would you be willing to buy from a new leather goods brand?
  7. Is the brand name important to you when you’re purchasing a
  8. How many leather items do you own?
  9. Are you more or less likely to buy if it’s real leather?
  10. Does the country the leather is sourced from or manufactured in the matter to you?
  11. Do you consider animal welfare when buying leather?
  12. What is your overall shopping experience from international online shopping?
  13. Do you think that foreign leather goods are overpriced?
  14. What are your thoughts about the qualities of those brands?
  15. Do you think the products’ shelf life is less according to their marked prices?
  16. What do you most prefer? Crocodile leather or Buff leather
  17. Do you think the companies do enough social media marketing to influence the customers?
  18. Do you think that only higher economic groups prefer leather goods?
  19. How the brands use social media marketing as their primary tool?
  20. What is the target age group of the brands according to your products to satisfy a customer?
  21. Do you think that these products are valued worthy?
  22. Do the companies offer discounts during shopping?
  23. How often do you shop from European leather brands?
  24. What is the delivery duration of these brands?
  25. Are you satisfied with the service and quality of the products?
  26. Which is your favorite leather product from online shopping from international sites?
  27. Do you think the leather goods of European brands overall influence that customer behavior?

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