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Interactive Oral Presentations: Learners in teams of two, will be required to present the case ‘for’: HR- Reward and Preformace Assignment, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject HR- Reward and Performance Assignment

Part 1:
Interactive Oral Presentations: Learners in teams of two, will be required to present the case ‘for’ and the case ‘against’ reward issues as allocated by the lecturer.

Issues include:
Contingent pay is an effective way to link effort to reward Performance appraisal is the best way to improve productivity
Bonus schemes do not add anything to the organisation’s financial metrics Senior Executive Remuneration packages are unfair Pay and bonus packages should be completely transparent for all staff Team Rewards are more effective than individual rewards

Your lecturer will allocate your topic and which side of the debate you are on. Each team (for or against) has 6 minutes to cover the topic (no slides allowed). They will then be allowed a further 4 minutes per team to respond to the points raised by the other team. Total time: 20 minutes strictly enforced. The class will comment on which points they found most persuasive. The assessors will moderate the process and provide feedback. You will be assessed individually by your Assessors. Each team member must contribute equally to the initial talk and the rebuttal.

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Part 2:
An individual, written assignment that addresses the following points:

Drawing on relevant literature, discuss total reward approaches and packages in your organisation (or one with which you are familiar). Take into consideration the different types of rewards and how each is applied in your organisation.
Discuss how total reward contributes to employee retention and performance.

Suggest two recommendations your organisation could make to improve its rewards and justify your choice. Provide an approximate cost (if applicable) of the proposed improvement.

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