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Give a brief introduction or definition to your topic. Outline what you will discuss in the remainder of this assignment in the introduction: Midwifery Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Midwifery Assignment

Outline one method of coping with contractions in the latent phase of the first stage of labour

Written assignment:

Give a brief introduction or definition to your topic. Outline what you will discuss in the remainder of this assignment in the introduction. Even though this is the introduction it may be best to write this section last when you have completed your assignment. As this assignment is only 750 words you will be aiming to convey a lot of ideas or concepts with just a few words. This will require a lot of reading around the topics to understand the physiology of the first stage of labour and one method of coping with contractions that the woman may use to help her cope with this early stage of labour. Your introduction to this assignment will be very brief as will your conclusion.

* The main body of the assignment could include sections on the definition and physiology of the onset of labour and the duration the latent phase and best coping strategies to bring the woman safely to the active phase of labour. You will not be able to describe these in detail but will include sufficient information You cannot include everything, so you will use your editing skills ‘to say a fact with a little’.

* Conclusion is a summary of the main body of the essay. look back over your introduction did you discuss what you said you would discu what is your final conclusion.

« Use recent references from, textbooks/but mainly journal articles/ to support your discussions but do not use websites for this assignment

« Refer to Academic and Writing guide on School of Nursing and Midwifery Website for requirements and submission of assignments/course work.

Include a reference list at least 10 refs for essay. numbers of references.

Do not include information from websites, you will need to use text books or primary research from journal articles.
Guidelines for online submission:

1. Cover pages, table of contents, body of essay, references and appendices {if required) are included as one document using MS Word or PDF only.

2. Tick the declaration to indicate that the submission is your own unaided work.

3. Check the originality of your work prior to final submission and make changes if appropriate. See notes re: plagiarism on the School Website.

4. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct version assignment is uploaded on time.

5. Keep a copy of your academic work. A hard (printed) copy is recommended in addition to an electronic copy.

6. Late Submission is possible but there are penalties associated with this see module descriptor. A request for an extension is available from the School website.

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