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Explain What Is Meant By Equality And Diversity In An ECCE Setting: Childcare Equality And Diversity Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Childcare Equality And Diversity


1. Explain what is meant by equality and diversity in an ECCE setting.  List and explain ten pieces of key terminology.

2. Refer to the OECD research on equality and describe three current equality/diversity issues in Ireland. Compare this to international standards and reflect on your findings.

3. List and describe current legislation regarding Equality and Diversity in Ireland. Provide examples from your own experience of this legislation in practice in your setting and comment on its effectiveness.

4. Examine the ECCE curriculum in your childcare setting. Complete an assessment of how this curriculum supports, and does, not support, an anti-bias approach.

5. Identify three changes that you feel could be made to the curriculum and describe why you feel these changes would further support equality and diversity in your setting.

6. Identify five areas of best practice in your setting and evaluate how they are used to encourage diversity.

7. Reflect on your attitudes and beliefs and how they impact equality and diversity in childcare. Identify a minimum of three areas you feel you need to focus on as an individual to be more effective.

8. Complete an Equality and Diversity audit, for your ECCE setting, using the template provided. You can complete this based on your experience working in the childcare setting.

a.     Provide a summary of your audit and key findings.

b.     Complete the improvement plan (minimum of 5 improvements).

9. Identify a minimum of 5 potential barriers to play, learning, and participation, following your audit.

10. Reflect on the importance and benefits of adopting an equality approach in your ECCE setting using five examples.

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