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Discuss the importance of record keeping/Recording in Healthcare: Angelo Assignment , Ireland

B: Discuss the benefits of effective feedback in Healthcare

5: Record keeping and recording
Two doctors doing their rounds in an orthopedic ward were pleasantly surprised to find that an elderly woman admitted with a hairline fracture of the femur, was able to weight-bear and walk with no apparent discomfort. They noted this finding in the patient’s record and requested treatment accordingly. When the Care worker arrived later that day to give Thelma a bed bath, they were puzzled as they were familiar with the patient; he knew that she had been on bed rest since admission and was experiencing significant pain. It transpired that the two doctors had evaluated the wrong patient, another elderly woman of about the same age. 

A- Explain the impact that this would have had on Thelma? Refer to the potential physical and emotional impacts (6 marks) 250 words approx. 

Be Discuss the importance of record keeping/Recording in Healthcare. Include at least 2 reasons as to why it’s important (4 marks) 250 words approx. 

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6: Safeguarding privacy and Dignity 

Connie Jones, a female patient arrives back to her hospital bed after being to the bathroom before she is taken down for surgery. Connie walks back over to the bed and to her surprise finds four students seated in chairs behind a health care provider who is standing waiting to talk to her. Connie sits down at the end of her bed. The curtain is open and the patient across from her is looking in. Connie is clothed only in a paper gown and is staring down at her hands that are clenched together in her lap. The health care provider begins discussing her surgery. 

A: Using this scenario explain in your own words at least 2 instances that show Connie’s privacy and dignity is overlooked.

B: Suggest ways in which you could further safeguard Connie’s privacy and dignity in this situation

7: Structure of Irish Health Care System 

A: Investigate the structure of the Healthcare System in Ireland (6 marks) Include the following: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare using examples approx.

 B• Discuss the Roles /Responsibilities of a Health care assistant 

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