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Develop a technical report for the senior management team: Quantitative methods Assignment, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject Quantitative methods Assignment

You are working as a junior analyst at Investment. Com and have been asked to develop a technical report for the senior management team. You must carry out the following task as part of a group. Select four equities of your choice for analysis – the equities selected must all be traded on the same index (and ideally quoted in the same currency). Gather historical price data (use closing price) on the four equities for a period of five years as well as on the index on which they all trade upon. The historical data selected should be daily data.

This should be downloaded into Microsoft Excel. Using the data, undertake a detailed statistical analysis of (i) the performance of the index over the five years, commenting on any noteworthy trends (i) the performance of the four equities for the five years of your choice both individually as well as relative to each other. It is up to you as the analyst to decide how to approach this task and what you feel are the most appropriate tests for inclusion in your report based on the skills you have acquired as part of this module. However, it is essential that you justify and explain what tests you are using and why they are appropriate. Remember your report may be read by technical and non-technical staff so it’s essential that it is always clear and precise. Introduction The introductory section should at a minimum discuss the timeframe under consideration.

Description, where appropriate of the sectors from which the stocks are taken should also be included. Consideration of the index performance over the timeframe should be included here. There should be details regarding the four companies selected to understand who they are. In discussing the index performance as well as the four companies for the reader this is providing a context. It is important that all information is taken from reputable sources and is cited and referenced correctly.

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