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Critically explore ways to promote child/adolescent mental health and wellbeing in your practice discipline: Poster and Abstract, Assignment, UOG, Ireland

University University Of Galway (UOG)
Subject Poster and Abstract Assignment

I would recommend keeping this quite short, bullet points, maybe use an image to illustrate the disease etc I would aim for a minimum font size of point 24

Main Body

I would recommend keeping this quite visual, where appropriate to the study for graph axis titles and numbers etc should be clearly readable

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Critically explore ways to promote child/adolescent mental health and wellbeing in your practice discipline. Students must critically discuss the chosen topic with reference to relevant literature and policy. Students must create a poster presentation and deliver a 10-minute presentation on their chosen topic (20%). Students will also submit an abstract in advance of developing their poster (10%).


Students will submit an abstract in advance of developing their poster. An abstract is a short summary of your poster. It is an important ‘window display’ or ‘advertisement’ for your work It should be written in a single paragraph with a maximum word count of 500 words and submitted in advance of your poster presentation.

Abstract Layout

Title: The title of your abstract should be the same for your poster. It should be engaging and clearly describe the issue/focus of the poster.
Author and Affiliations: Please include your name and the DCU logo.


It should be concise and only present information immediately relevant to the topic at hand with the goal of highlighting its importance and relevance to the reader.

Main body section:

It should define the purpose of your poster and illustrate the main points of your work. Remember to be concise and only include the key aspects that you are presenting

Conclusion: This should highlight the take-home point/message of the poster.

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