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“Critically evaluate” – Why is it important to understand these factors? Why is it worthwhile? Is it useful?: Sociology Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Sociology Assignment

Assignment Brief.

Section 1: The Precariat 
● Introduction 

● Who is the Precariat? – Two Quotes – followed by an explanation in your own words. Ensure your reference.
● Look at the factors that make a group or individual vulnerable – List factors – Describe and explain.
Use a case study to illustrate your knowledge/understanding. Using the above factors and the Precariat.
●”Critically evaluate” – Why is it important to understand these factors? Why is it worthwhile? Is it useful?

Section 2: The Theories 
● Introduction
● Choose a theory. Explain fully – the main points.
● How are other theories similar or different?
● What Social policies or what solutions have been influenced by these theories – Describe and explain some – at least one national  and one international ( Remember legislation, guidelines, policies, and regulation are all parts of this).
“Critically evaluate” – Comment on the usefulness of knowing these theories/approaches.

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