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Critically analyse the chosen research article as evidence to inform teaching and learning in the given context: Professional Master of Education, Assignment, HC, Ireland

Learning Outcomes

In completing the assessment task, students are required to demonstrate their ability to:
1. Using module content which includes on-demand sessions, webinars and F2F day content, critically analyse the chosen research article as evidence to inform teaching and learning in the given context.
2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the philosophy, principles, practices and key components underpinning evidence informed professional practice and its application in education.
3. Analyse your chosen research article under the specific headings given in terms of research design.
4. Include reference to the peer-reviewed research provided as well as to other relevant research and resources.
5. Combine written, audio and visual modes to communicate your ideas so that the audience can read and interpret the ideas or argument in a multimodal way.
6. Be structured in the same way as a written academic essay using the headings given to structure your critique, develop your argument and convey your ideas clearly.
7. Include an end slide that credits any images, video, etc used. All other references should be included as a Reference List in the word template  provided. Use the College’s Harvard System for all referencing.

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