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Conduct a brand audit on AIRBNB. The audit will include an examination of the brand (equity, positioning, etc.): Digital advertising and communication Other, UOL, Ireland

University University of Limerick (UOL)
Subject Digital advertising and communication Other.

Conduct a brand audit on AIRBNB. The audit will include an examination of the brand (equity, positioning, etc.), competitive profile, target market, sustainability, and advertising campaigns. The brand must be agreed with the lecturer. Brands will be approved on a first come first served basis. Students cannot choose a brand already chosen by another student and once assigned cannot be changed. Choose a brand

2. Primary Value Proposition

3. Target Customer / Segment

4. (Most Powerful) Emotional Benefits Conveyed to Customers

5. Human Personality Traits Associated with the Brand

6. Brand Promise

7. Brand Positioning Statement

8. What is the brand known for?

9. Brand Elements

10. Brand Perceptual Map

11. Sustainability

12. Advertising audit

13. Competitor Analysis Word count: 5,000 words excluding tables, figures, and references with the following font specification: Times New Roman, 12 point, double-line spaced. Use margins of at least 2.5 cm.

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