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Community Development – Disadvantaged Communities, Case Study, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Community Development - Disadvantaged Communities

The Case Study is based on work I have been doing over the last while with Individuals and families living in what are called designated disadvantaged urban estate areas of West Cork, Ireland.

This information for the areas and estates to work with is achieved through analysing the Pobal Website Maps (Deprivation Maps) in the areas of West Cork. In my work towns such as (Skibbereen, Clonakilty, Bantry, Dunmanway and Bandon are the designated towns and then there are urban estates within these areas which are chosen from the Maps to work with.

When Deprivation Maps is opened on site there is a spying glass on left corner of screen which allows you to put in the area (Skibbereen, Co. Cork, it then shows through a colour code the deprived, designated disadvantaged estates within this Town- When you put in the area the Map shows the deprived area through a colour code of light brown when you click on the area it gives the stats e.g.

Pobal HP Description 2022 – Disadvantaged, Population, Unemployment rate e.t.c. (https://data.pobal.ie/portal/apps/experiencebuilder/experience/?id=3b0acba7eb694ffa85340a60f81d516c ) Skibbereen Town – Estates would be Newbridge Park, Inis Alainn and Poundhill areas Clonakilty Town – Estates would be Scartagh area, Convent Way, Convent Court, Mc Curtain Hill, Assumption Place BantryTown – Estates would be Reenrour East, Dromleigh North Dunmanway Town – Estates would be St. Marys Park, Castlestreet Bandon Town – Estates would be Deerpark, Glancool, All of the above mentioned Towns with the estates mentioned thereafter I have done community development work with over the last 18 months.

First year of the work would have been mainly doing surveys / questionnaires and connecting with the residents in these estates to figure out what residents were interested in and from there building programmes such as ( Gardening Planting groups, Arts & Crafts groups, Cookery Groups and finally this year Summer Camps & Family Fun Days in the estates with Families and children. I will also attach a perspective of what each of the groups entailed to this email so You understand what it is we were doing in the groups.

Each of the programmes will then be broken down in the Case Study into 3 – 400 words covering each group and what they done Case Study LPTG = Local Priority Target Group – In this case for the Case study my Target Group being Designated disadvantaged estates, People living in disadvantaged communities / areas 3. Case study themes The SICAP case study must have a primary focus as per the themes below.

The themes have been selected to align with SICAP 2024-2028.

1) Target Group focus, that is, the case study must be primarily focussed on a project aimed at a named SICAP target group. As an example, this could include a focus on a Local Priority Target Group (LPTG) with an emphasis on strengthening and deepening engagement with one of the named LPTGs. Where appropriate, it should include information on the use of My Journey (where used) to deepen engagement with a target group.

2) Thematic focus areas, that is, the case study focuses on work carried out around one of the eight SICAP thematic focus areas under Goal 1.

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3) Core area of work, that is, the case study focuses on LDC activities in one of the six SICAP core areas of work See a couple of sample narrative studies with pictures attached below to give You an idea on how Case Study needs to be written, Layout – Topic Covered – e.t.c. whilst also Case Study Guidelines and 2023 Case Study Submissions Summary pdf. Also attached You will find report from last years Surveys / Questionnaires which could be mentioned in the Introduction part of Case Study.

I will also have some pictures of project work to be integrated into Case Study as we discuss work. Further material will also be forwarded to support the case study work.

Case Study Guidelines will have to be followed and writing will have to be of High Standard, no AI generated work and only English speaking qualified writer to be used.

See below Case Study guidelines and also prior sample Case Study Please let me know if this work can be completed by your writer to a high quality standard and I will forward more material for your attention to support writing of Case Study.

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