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CC057 Understanding and knowledge of a condition that they have encountered in their work: Physiotherapy Assistant Theory Assignment, Ireland

Assessment Criteria:
The brief for the assignment will focus on the learner’s:

  • Understanding and knowledge of a condition that they have encountered in their work.
  • The presenting signs and symptoms of the condition.
  • Aims of physiotherapy interventions with a client diagnosed with this condition.
  • Role of physiotherapy assistant with this client
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  • Critical evaluation of the impact of interventions Candidates will submit a report with supporting documentation as part of the evidence Evidence for this assessment technique may take the form of written, oral, graphic, audio, visual or digital evidence, or any combination of these. Any audio, video or digital evidence must be provided in a suitable format. All instructions for the learner must be clearly outlined in an assessment brief

Describe the Main Symptoms
Outline the aims of physiotherapy interventions in the care of the client with the chosen condition.
Outline the role of the physiotherapy assistant with this client.
Critical evaluation of the impact of physiotherapy assistant interventions.

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