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Barriers to Effective & Responsive Operations & Supply Chain Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management Report, TCD, Ireland

University Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Subject Operations and Supply Chain Management

Title: Barriers to Effective & Responsive Operations & Supply Chain Management

Assignment Details

Commentators and practitioners are saying that operations & supply chain management (OSCM) is increasingly becoming a strategic tool for organizations seeking to respond to the needs of customers in a way that achieves competitive success.

However, leveraging the full potential of OSCM has proved to be challenging and remains elusive for many.

You are required to produce a research report entitled “Barriers to effective and responsive operations & supply chain management”.

Learning Outcomes addressed and assessed in this Assignment: On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

(i) Identify the fundamental theories, basic elements and techniques of operations and supply chain management.

(iv) Analyse the impacts on global supply chain design and operations of currently topical issues such as sustainability, globalisation, and technological advances.

(v) Assess the operational issues between a customer and supplier within the supply chain and competing supply chains.

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