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B9DA108: The file Fire Brigade And Ambulance Call Outs csv is an extract generated fro Ireland’s Open Data Portal: Programming for Data Analysis Assignment, DBS, Ireland

University Dublin Business School (DBS)
Subject B9DA108: Programming for Data Analysis

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critique data structures used to store and manage large datasets.
  2. Write programs to process and manipulate large datasets on diverse platforms.
  3. Apply practical skills in functional programming techniques to write code for a given dataset.
  4. Appraise the extended ecosystem of tools and techniques related to Big Data.

Assessment Overview

The assignment focuses on the technical design and implementation of an ETL process using Python, Pandas, and SQL Server.

Assessment Task

The file FireBrigadeAndAmbulanceCallOuts.csv is an extract generated from data.gov.ie (Ireland’s Open Data Portal). This file is an activity log for Fire and Ambulance Annual Incidents between 2013 and 2019. You are required to implement an ETL process to extract, transform and load the data.
(Note: you must use the file published to Moodle – do NOT regenerate the extract from data.gov.ie)

Data Dictionary

  • Fields include the date, area of the incident (district ID), and response time data.
  • The fields from MOB through to CD are generated by the vehicle (either by a button press or a voice message) and they reflect its changing status.
  • TOC is the time the call is received in the control center
  • ORD is the time the vehicle is ordered, i.e., mobilized to the incident by a control operator.
  • MOB is the time at which the vehicle is mobile to the incident (the vehicle has started to move)
  • IA is the time the vehicle is in attendance (the vehicle is stopped at the incident)
  • LS leaving the scene (the time the ambulance is leaving the scene for the hospital)
  • AH the time at a hospital (ambulance has arrived at the hospital)
  • MAV the time at which the vehicle is mobile and available (vehicle heading back to the station)
  • CD the time at which the vehicle is closing down (back at the station, the vehicle radio is being shut down

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